I'm sorry! Tell her I'm sorry! Then maybe she'll make the pain stop...477
Have you found the mermaid yet? Will she forgive me?383
I still feel awful. But I'm glad you've proven it wasn't my fault that we got cursed. I hope you can work out what brought it on us.360
Hello again. Coming back to Corsair Cove?358
Oh. Oh, I see. Okay... I guess that means I didn't upset a mermaid after all. So the curse isn't my fault! Thank you!355
What lands lie beyond the dim horizon, I wonder...336
Yes, that's what it must be. Ithoi, the navigator, always told us to beware of curses.334
Such a beautiful night!333
This is all my fault. But I didn't mean to upset her. I just thought we could be friends. Now I must have upset her, and she's cursed us all!331
I was using Ithoi's telescope...331
What was that? I'd better have another look.328
Is that what I think it is?327
It's so dark out there, but I think... ... yes, I'm quite sure...326
... yes, it's a mermaid! She's beautiful!325
You're the most lovely person I've ever seen!322
Can you hear me?321
I can see you moving your arms, but it's very dark. Are you waving to me?319
Perhaps you can find the mermaid and tell her I'm very sorry I was rude to her. Then maybe she'll lift the curse.310
Oh, no, I think she's gone away. Did I put her off?308
I hope she's not angry. Ithoi says mermaids can be dangerous.254
Maybe she doesn't like strangers shouting about her appearance and blowing kisses at her. That might have been rude of me.244
Ithoi always told us that bad things happen to sailors who get involved with mermaids, but I didn't believe him. I should have listened! But I'll tell you what happened...228
Have you found out how we all got cursed?180
Well, I suppose we don't need a navigator these days, and he's not very good at anything else. But I don't see why that's got anything to do with the curse.144
Yes, that's what it must be. Ithoi, the navigator, always told us to beware of curses. You should talk to him - he really knows about these things.107
The Captain's letting me command his boat now I'm fully recovered. Did you want to leave?101
Ithoi lives in the hut to the south-west, nearest to the sea.90
I was using Ithoi's telescope to look out at the sea, imagining the strange lands and fantastic creatures Ithoi's always telling us he's seen, and I saw her.19
It must be something terrible - maybe we'll be cursed forever! I hope you can make the Captain understand it wasn't my fault.14
Have you found out what's going on?14
That can't be right - he looks as sick as the rest of us. Maybe he's delerious and doesn't know what he's saying.14
It must be a real curse.14
I'll be here. I'm not going anywhere while I feel so sick.14
That's right. Gnocci had cooked us some swordfish. It didn't taste as good as his usual cooking, but I didn't complain. The Captain doesn't like complainers.13
Then we all started feeling sick and clammy. That was when the Captain and Ithoi came back from their parlay, and Ithoi looked sick too.11
So what's going on now?10
It sounds like there isn't a curse after all! Maybe I'll recover soon from whatever he did to me.7
That's strange - Ithoi doesn't normally help with the food. I suppose that would explain why it didn't taste as good as Gnocci's cooking.6
But that doesn't explain how we got cursed. Ithoi went off for a parlay with the Captain, and didn't even eat the food.5
Who'd have thought Ithoi would do such a thing? I guess if there isn't really a curse, I'll get better soon. In fact I feel better already.3
Oh dear, oh dear. Maybe we'll be cursed forever!2