Looks like there's a storm coming up, cap'n. Soon we won't be able to see anything!805
Ahoy! What d'ye think of yer ship then?240
Not me, sir! I'm just an 'umble cabin boy. You'll need a proper cap'n.123
The cap'ns round 'ere seem to be a mite scared of Crandor. I ask 'em why and they just say it was afore my time,117
I can't remember 'is name, but 'e lives in Draynor Village an' makes rope.106
but there is one cap'n I reckon might 'elp. I 'eard there's a retired 'un who lives in Draynor Village who's so desperate to sail again 'e'd take any job.103
Aye aye, cap'n!28
It's too heavy, cap'n!10
It's Jenkins, cap'n!7