Content. But a little more attention or rat hunting wouldn't go amiss.1
I'm getting on a bit, but I feel like there's plenty of life in me yet.1
It wasn't all that difficult to understand.1
Ok, I'll tell you what I think happened.1
There once was a high priest of some crazy religion called Klenter.1
No no. The high priest was called Klenter and he was the high priest of Icthlarin, god of the dead.1
He dies, and a struggle starts for his soul.1
Another god - the Devourer - wants to destroy his soul because she has some dispute with Icthlarin. So she takes on the guise of a human.1
Very good. Now she needs help in getting Klenter's soul so she tricks some gullible fool into helping her.1
Well she's the god of destruction. If she had a priest or a temple or anything she would just destroy it.1
Because of my kind.1
We have other powers, not clear to you. Anyway I'm moving away from the story.1
The wanderer recruits your help by hypnotising you. Do you remember that?1
Because of me.1
Cats are the only things that can open the pyramid's door, so she needed an adventurer with one.1
So you entered the pyramid with me - under her mind control - and stole a canopic jar containing an organ belonging to Klenter.1