Who are you? What are you after?1,455
Why... yes I am, but I don't believe I know you... how did you know my name?1,400
Ah... well... hmmm... yes... I do have a piece of it anyway...1,397
Well... my brothers and I had a slight disagreement about it... we all wanted to be heir to my fathers' lands, and we each ended up with a piece of the crest.1,387
How is the fish collecting going?1,202
None of us wanted to give up our rights to our brothers, so we didn't want to give up our pieces of the crest, but none of us wanted to face our father by1,145
Well, I am the oldest son, so by the rules of chivalry, I am most entitled to be rightful bearer of the crest.1,075
Well that is true... perhaps it is time to put my pride aside... I'll tell you what: I'm struggling to complete this fish salad of mine,1,074
I require the following cooked fish: Swordfish, Bass, Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp.1,073
Well, we haven't really kept in touch... what with the dispute over the crest and all... I did hear from my brother Avan a while ago though..1,067
You will? It would help me a lot!1,057
returning to him with an incomplete crest... We each went our seperate ways many years past, none of us seeing our father or willing to give up our fragments.965
so if you will assist me in my search for the ingredients, then I will let you take my piece as reward for your assistance.801
He said he was on some kind of search for treasure, or gold, or something out in the desert. You might want to ask around there for him.766
Avan always did have expensive tastes however. You may find he is not prepared to hand over his crest piece to you as easily as I have.756
I hear you have brought the completed crest to my father. I must say, that was awfully impressive work.674
... and that's when I found the broken lamping stick. Maybe you could help me investigate?591
Well if you aren't going to listen to the problem, it's fine, don't worry about it. Nothing an experienced chef can't solve himself!590
No! Not every problem in my life needs an adventurer to come solve it for me anyway. I'm happy and there's nothing else either!586
Yes, that is correct. I can slightly alter these gauntlets to allow you some of my skill at preparing seafood by making them cooking gauntlets.402
When you wear them you will burn lobsters, sharks and swordfish a lot less. It will be a permanent modification however, so make sure this is what you want.352
Hello again. I'm just putting the finishing touches to my masterful salad.283
I have received word from my father that you assisted us again! I get the feeling you weren't going to stop trying until you did though.246
You're welcome.241
Yes well... Is there anything I can help you with?192
You will find the rate you burn certain foods is much reduced whilst wearing these gauntlets.162
As thanks, I'll provide you with as many pairs of Cooking gauntlets as you wish.159
Here you go!158
Remember, I want the following cooked fish: Swordfish, Bass, Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp.132
Yes certainly, though it will cost you 25,000 coins.128
Last I heard he was on some stupid treasure hunt out in the desert somewhere. Your best bet is asking round there.126
Then why are you wasting your time here?117
How are you doing getting the crest pieces?113
You don't have any gauntlets I can imbue.59
Your gauntlets have already been treated with my potions.41
I would, but I am very busy. I am trying to increase my reknown as one of the worlds' leading chefs by preparing a special and unique fish salad.39
I'll want 25,000 coins to change your gauntlets.31
I'm a very competent cook! I do not need your assistance %USERNAME%. Please leave me be.19
Your gauntlets have already been treated with my potions. Speak to my father if you need another pair.14
It's a valuable family heirloom. I think the least you can do is prove you're worthy of it before I hand it over.14
Bring them to me, and I'll see what I can do.13
Unfortunately, you do not seem to have space for this gift.4
As you wish. Let me know if you change your mind.4
Luck? LUCK? With my cooking skill, I don't really need LUCK.4