*makes camel noises*1,413
*makes happier camel noises*1,390
Are you serious?141
Well, just you close your eyes first. I'm not doing it while you're watching me!112
I hope that's what you wanted!111
What was that?31
The weather's really hot, don't you think?31
I'm sorry, but I can't really help you right now. Perhaps you should ask me again later, or try a different camel.29
Are you joking? It's burning hot out here! Sitting by the oasis is the only way to stay cool.28
It's never enough. And it's always far too hot to go anywhere in the desert.27
Oh, that's a pity.26
In that case, I'll just stay by this nice cool oasis.21
Sometimes I wish I could go travelling in cooler places, like all those adventurers I see passing through here.20