Do you want a lit candle for 1000 gold?544
Here you go then.292
I should warn you, though, it can be dangerous to take a naked flame down there. You'd be better off making a lantern.225
Look, you're not going to be able to survive down that hole without a light source.125
So you could go off to the candle shop to buy one more cheaply. You could even make your own lantern, which is a lot better.122
But I bet you want to find out what's down there right now, don't you? And you can pay me 1000 gold for the privilege!118
Out of glass. The more advanced lanterns have a metal component as well.79
Firstly you can make a simple candle lantern out of glass. It's just like a candle, but the flame isn't exposed, so it's safer.75
Then you can make an oil lamp, which is brighter but has an exposed flame. But if you make an iron frame for it you can turn it into an oil lantern.74
Finally there's the bullseye lantern. You'll need to make a frame out of steel and add a glass lens.69
Once you've made your lamp or lantern, you'll need to make lamp oil for it. The chemist near Rimmington has a machine for that.69
For any light source, you'll need a tinderbox to light it. Keep your tinderbox handy in case it goes out!66
But if all that's too complicated, you can buy a candle right here for 1000 gold!63
Well then, no candle for you!27
Heh heh... You'll find out.19