Can I help you with something?3,675
Ah, you'll be wanting to talk to him then.3,671
Ahoy there!1,001
Don't mind me parrot, he's Cracked Jenny's Tea Cup!950
Ahoy there! Pay up first!786
Avast there, ye've already paid!178
Most certainly, having it equipped reduces your weight and I think it will really suit you. All that remains to be done is pay me 99000 gold!159
Aye, entrance be 200 coins.153
Excellent! That cape really does suit you.149
A word of warning me hearty! There are dangerous traps down there!133
Oi matey! No followers allowed in the arena!121
May the wind be in ye sails!114
Well, me hearty, it's simple. Ye can cross between two platforms by using the traps or obstacles strung across 'em. Try and make your way to the pillar that is indicated by the flashing arrow.43
Ye receive tickets for tagging more than one pillar in a row. So ye won't get a ticket from the first pillar but ye will for every platform ye tag in a row after that.41
If ye miss a platform ye will miss out on the next ticket so try and get every platform you can! When ye be done, take the tickets to Jackie over there and she'll exchange them for more stuff!38
This, me hearty, is the entrance to the Brimhaven Agility Arena!36
Thanks me hearty!34
It made me list, I were that excited!30
I'd found a huge cave with all these platforms. I reckon it be an ancient civilisation that made it. I had to be mighty careful as there was these traps everywhere! Dangerous it was!30
I were diggin for buried treasure when I found it! Amazed I was! It was a sight to behold!29
It were the biggest thing I'd ever seen! It must've been at least a league from side to side!29
Entrance is only 200 coins!28
Aye, to be sure! The Skillcape of Agility be the symbol of the master of dexterity! Providing weight reduction, one who wears it can climb like a cat, run like the wind and jump like...err, well, jump like a jumping thing!23
No coins, no entrance!21
Now, be there anything else ye'd like to know?19
Ye've already paid, so down ye goes...17
Most certainly, and free of charge!11
So sad, too bad. Go and pickpocket some wealthy people and come back here once you're richer.3
Well, come back and see me when you do.2