Problem is, these old hands o'mine aren't as useful as they used t'be, and the lock on that chest is a little bit too fiddly for ol' Cap'n Arnav. Could you help me out?10,351
There are three columns. What you need to do for me is to match up each picture with the word underneath the column, and then unlock the chest.9,202
Ah, well done matey, that's the right combination. Here, have a little somethin' for helpin' me out.8,870
Ah, hello there, laddie! I've just dug up an old treasure chest of mine.8,788
Ah, hello there, lassie! I've just dug up an old treasure chest of mine.4,395
Arrr, you're not the feller I be needin'.1,220
Arrr! That be nowhere near close! Did ye not listen the first time around?833
Right, right. What you need to do is click on the arrows to roll the cylinders round to the different items.742
When the items in the middle row all match the words written under the column then you'll have solved the lock.663
Is that a little clearer?637
Arrr, you're not the lassie I be needin'.480
Arrr, I'd better be off.227
Arrr! I'd better find someone else.171