Here we are! Lunar Isle!1,164
Pesky kid. Ah, but I remember when I was a cabin boy. Many years ago, I started off as...1,154
No need to be rude.1,154
Very well. It's off we go!1,154
Really? Good work, landlubber!1,153
Hmmmm? I don't recognise you as one of my men, what are you doing aboard my ship?349
Oh he DID, did he? (sigh) I sometimes regret ever allowing that vagabond to join the crew.334
Well now, I didn't say that.323
He has a very bad work ethic, and I have to say his attitude can be very confrontational.272
We are returning there again soon anyway, as our last visit was most profitable.267
As long as you keep your Seal Of Passage with you at all times while you are on the island you should be okay, even if you are a Fremennik.260
Ah, yes indeed! The winds seem good, so let's make a move!257
Now, as captain of this ship I feel I must play host, even if you aren't exactly a welcome guest, so was there anything you wished to know?256
In fact as soon as our boys are finished loading stocks we should be ready to depart!249
I... I don't understand... This is all very strange...249
Well... THAT was deuced strange!239
The course was plotted, we had a fair tailwind the whole journey...236
Our navigator. He's at the rear of the ship, one floor below deck. He's an old sea-dog with a brown pirate's hat.223
I'm not kidding, they are a very dangerous people, and it would NOT be wise for you to travel there without your Seal Of Passage marking you as a diplomat.217
Yes, you're right, perhaps it was just a freak wind. Off we go!210
This... This is VERY strange!197
I just don't understand it... Maybe you should speak with Jack.180
Hello again.169
What are you wanting now?167
Hmmm, you think so? Perhaps I'd better ask him about that...156
You will? Well, thank you!153
But... His course looked true.. I just don't understand...127
You're very helpful for a stowaway! He's one floor below deck. To the rear of the ship.120
No, no, a jinx, that makes all too much sense I'm afraid...119
A JINX you say???118
So you've spoken to my navigator again, yes? What does he have to say for himself?117
Aye, I have to admit that does sound like a logical explanation...101
Well, the solution is obvious.98
Well, as Captain I have certain responsibilities that must be fulfilled, so I would greatly appreciate a little assistance in tracking down this jinx...96
Sure matey!96
We need to find who or what has been jinxed and remove it from the ship immediately.95
Good lad! Let me know if you find out anything important.86
The Moon Clan? Oh, very fine people. Very hospitable.47
We had heard that they are very wary of strangers, and dislike people just showing up on their island, but when we sent a landing party aboard they all seemed more than happy to see us.46
Anyway, they had a large supply of items that we felt we could use on the high seas, so we made a few trades with them, and were on our way.44
Well, I'm not sure how much you've heard about them, but they are magical experts.44
Well, they even threw a big festival in our honour!42
They sold us many rune-stones, as well as a few good luck charms and talismans and such to help us on our voyage.42
After all, it's not everywhere that a pirate captain and his crew can rest ashore without having to worry about the authorities catching them, is it?41
Was there anything else you wished to ask me about while I'm not busy?41
Yes, they might have been a little secretive about that strange temple, and the old lodge of theirs in town, and I must say they certainly have the strangest house I have ever seen in my life in their little village, but it was40
a pleasant trip all round, and I look forward to trading there again in the future.40
Ah, you again. So what did the Cabin Boy have to say for himself?39
Don't worry, I was a young'un once. I remember when I used to have all my fingers and toes, and when my right eye wasn't made of glass.34
Good girl! Let me know if you find out anything important.34
And you're wanting what now?31
Ah, a connoisseur! Yes, she's named the Lady Zay, and may I say, is one of the finest ships to ever sail the seas!29
Interesting. You never struck me as being Captain material, but I guess there's a ship out there for everyone...29
Well, it just wasn't sturdy enough!29
Who? Oh. Yes. The crew. Yes, it was a tragedy.28
Was it? Well, if you say so.28
It was a steal from the Karamjan shipyards.27
We had to do a little remodelling of the doors and rooms so that we didn't have to crouch around everywhere, but I've finally got her just how I want her, and we have enough cannons down below decks to27
Ah yes, it was a tragedy...27
I'd paid them in advance you know, I'll never see that money again!27
Well, obviously the actual pirating is a big part of our agenda, but we like to think of ourselves as non- regulated merchants.26
I don't know who they were building these warships for, but whoever it was seemed to be a little on the short side.26
The Lady Zay is certainly a big step up from my last ship anyway.26
Well, obviously not initially. Obviously, our first thought was to show up, rob them blind, then take off again with the plunder spilling from our decks.25
Well, firstly there were the monsters.25
Oh yes, hundreds of the things. The island's swarming with them you know.25
Oh yes, absolutely. That and the next reason.25
Yes, the next reason being that the Moon Clan are quite stupendously powerful magicians.25
And when I say it was a steal, I mean to say that myself and some of the lads broke in and stole it one night.25
bombard a small town I'd wager!25
I was on a perfectly routine raiding expedition to the east of here, when we ran into a squall, that pushed us towards the rocky shore.25
A few select men and myself managed to escape with our lives intact on a small row boat, but the rest of my crew were washed ashore as the ship was wrecked on those jagged rocks.25
To lose such a fine ship in such an insulting manner...25
Actually, the last I had heard quite a few of them had survived, and had set up a little hideaway next to the remains of the shipwreck.25
Now, was there something you wished to talk to me about? Time is pressing on, and we really need to set sail soon if we want to make the most of the winds.25
Oh yes. They can read minds, you see. If we'd shown up there thinking about robbing them they would have just killed us all on the spot.24
If you're particularly worried about them, perhaps you might like to go and pay them a visit someday, and make sure to bring a lot of easily transferable wealth with you.24
They love people visiting with easily transferable wealth.24
What good is plunder if you have nothing to spend it on, hmmmm?23
Likewise, I am a forward thinking captain, and endeavour to invest much of my plunder back into the ship and its crew, so that we can be a better and more efficient force for theft upon the seas.23
Ah, I'm glad I did. Because they really, really are. And mind-readers.23
Dirty smelly beasts, as big as a wolf! Yes, you'd certainly better be either handy with a blade or quick on your toes if you wanted to spend much time outside of their village with those things around22
Well, when you are a crew of successful pirates, it becomes more and more difficult to ever moor somewhere and spend your loot.22
Anything else you wanted to know before we set sail?22
You'll notice it as soon as you look at them, really quite, quite powerful indeed.21
As soon as we saw them we lost any thoughts about trying to attack or steal from them.21
Which as it turned out was lucky for us.21
I did mention that they are extraordinarily powerful magicians, didn't I?20
Yes, all in all I'm glad we didn't try any funny business in the end after all.20
People are far too quick to call the guards on a troublemaker nowadays.20
So finding a village where people are more than happy to trade with you regardless of who you may have just stolen from and killed.20
I'll take you as far as Pirates' Cove. You'll have to find the rest of the way back yourself.20
I like that non-judgemental attitude of theirs!19
Plus there's that other good reason.17
So what did the navigator have to say for himself?17
Does he have any explanation for why we keep sailing in a big circle every time we try to get to Lunar Isle?16
Hmmmm. You could perhaps be more grateful to someone offering you free transport, but then I suppose you are a friend of Lokar's, and a Fremennik, so I suppose the15
rudeness is natural.13
Make sure you are ready for departure, I will be issuing orders to set sail shortly.13
I see...13
What? Oh, it's you.11
You have discovered something about this 'jinx' then?11
Yes, you have made your feelings towards the navigator abundantly clear.10
Now what have you discovered about this jinx that has been placed upon my ship?10
I see. Well, that seems to make sense.9
Oh, you want me to try and set sail again?9
I suppose so. Off we go!9
So who was it who has caused this, and how can I lift the jinx?8
I see. Well, I suggest you ask the crew if they know anything, and let me know the second you have a solution.6
Assuming you do in fact want to go to Lunar Isle instead of staying here.6
Yep. You're free to explore the island. Be careful though, the Moon Clan are very powerful, it wouldn't be wise to wrong them.6
Oh? Please, do tell.5
Rubbish. I don't believe it. You must be mistaken.5
I don't care. Not him. No way. I suggest you go and speak to him about this, whatever he did he would have a had a very good reason for,5
Mmmmm? You have information on what has happened to my ship for me?4
That is correct, yes. I was most pleasantly surprised by their hospitality.4
Hmmm. You know, that's some good thinking. You're right, I suspect something like that did indeed happen.4
Do you have any idea who this person may have been?4
You obviously have my full permission, I have no desire for a jinx to be aboard my vessel, and if this has been the result of one of my crews thoughtless actions, then I will of course have to reprimand them severely.4
WHAT? You suspect ME of having been jinxed???4
Ah, yes, I understand. Well now...4
I do recall we had a most intriguing conversation about the history of their people, and their manufacturing of rune-stones for trade across the world.4
No, they were seated at a different table towards the back of the hall. I felt that they deserved a little recreation and relaxation time without their captain hanging around.4
They're a good crew and have served me well!4
Well, of course that is all possible, but I wouldn't think any of my crew would be so rude as to break the gracious hospitality we had been offered!4
Please keep me informed of your discoveries. A jinx is an evil thing, and if one of my crew has brought it upon the Lady Zay, then I want to know about it.4
He's just not that sort of a person.4
The last time I checked, yes, I am.4
You just did didn't you?4
That's very strange. So what does he have to say for himself... Have you asked him?4
Then I suggest you do so. Immediately.4
As captain, I was first envoy to the Moon Clan and took seat with their dignitaries and the higher ranking members of their tribe, the Oneiromancer, Baba Yaga and so forth.3
We're pirates after all, not barbarians!3
and would certainly never put this ship or her crew in any sort of risk.3
Speak away. How goes the search for the jinx?3
Hmmm? Who would that be then?3
As you have already accused two of my crew unfairly, may I ask what leads you to this conclusion?3
I see. And have you spoken to him about this?3
It is very possible he has a valid reason to have not been present.3
As I understand it Pirate Regulation number 445-328 required him to have been checking the sails.2