Stand straight! Chest out, shoulders back!1,235
You'll address me as captain!1,229
Better. Now what is a low-life, pathetic excuse for a human being doing sniffing around my arena?1,221
Very well, make the most of this because I don't suffer idiots easily! This is the Barbarian Assault arena. You want to sign up with us?1,214
Straighten that back when you talk to me! You want my help?1,162
Really? You don't look like one. Very well, upon your own head be it, I'll let you skip the training. Come back and speak to me if you find you're not the know-it-all you believe yourself to be.842
Why you wretched Son-of-a-Big-Nosed-Warty-Smelly- Goblin! How dare you speak to a commanding officer like that?760
Why you wretched Daughter-of-a-Big-Nosed-Warty- Smelly-Goblin! How dare you speak to a commanding officer like that?478
Then listen closely.474
Again? Very well. Listen closely this time!455
Wait a minute! I'm not giving a tutorial to someone carrying that stuff. Use that bank chest over there first!408
This is the Barbarian Assault arena.388
Quiet, you piteous-pool-of-black-dragon-dribble!372
It was established as a battleground to fight a race of creatures called the 'Penance'. The Penance have been created upon this planet by the gods. You see, we have performed many dishonourable deeds over the years353
Exactly. Well, in the arena below you can fight the Penance in teams of five players and, if you make it through nine waves of these monsters, we will pit you against their Queen. You can go through these waves350
You will notice a ladder in the centre of this room. If you go down it you will find the briefing rooms. It's within these that you can sign up a team of four other players to enter the game with.335
Heading down the ladder...333
You will notice there are ten numbered rooms - one for each wave of Penance you can fight - so you should go and stand in the wave room that you wish to start on, so long as you have reached that level.327
There are tables within each room from which you can pick up a scroll. Simply select 'use' on this scroll, then click on another player. You need to get the signature of four other members you want in your team.321
With a full team enlisted, add your name to the scroll by right-clicking and selecting 'Write-role', then proceed down one of the ladders to start a game. Note that you need to have 'Accept Aid' on to be signed up.315
You will also notice an additional larger room. In there, you don't have to sign up people to play with, just enter, and when there are enough people, we will start a game for you.311
and it's for this that the gods have created these creatures on Gielinor.299
Alternatively you can join someone else's team if they use the scroll on you.297
We never question what is fact.296
What was I saying...?293
Oh yes, we have established this place for all to pay their debt to the gods, through combat. For this is the only true honour.292
At the end of each wave of Penance you will be presented with a score sheet, which will inform you of how you performed as a team and how you performed as an individual.284
as many times as you wish.283
You will be rewarded Honour Points for each individual role (Attacker, Defender, Collector or Healer). You can then spend these Honour Points as you wish with Commander Connad, who you will find in this entrance270
Going down the ladder from a recruitment room, this is the arena in which you shall be fighting.263
So, would you like a book to remind you of your role?261
Feel free to return to me at any time to repeat any of the training. It doesn't hurt to make sure you are totally clear on what you have to do.261
...then attaching spikes, which you can break off from these mushrooms, before passing them on to the Defender.257
As the Defender, you will be taking the spiked, poisoned yellow eggs from the Attacker...256
Again, don't worry, you will be given a book to remind you of these tasks.256
Then you can fire the egg at the Queen. Just repeat until she dies.254
...then heating them up in the lava to create an omega egg, before passing it onto the Collector who can then load the egg into the launcher.253
Once you have entered the battle, your task depends on which of the four roles you have chosen: Attacker, Defender, Collector or Healer. I will explain these roles shortly.252
Starting the game, all players are given an icon to show what role they are playing. If you choose to be an Attacker, you will find yourself with a red symbol around your feet.252
As the Attacker, you will be taking the poisoned yellow eggs from the Healer...252
Each role is provided with a different piece of information in their interface. This information must be communicated to other members of your team using a horn, which we shall provide...251
...and dipping them in the poison pools to create a poisoned yellow egg, before passing them onto the Attacker.249
As the Healer, you will be taking the yellow eggs from the Collector...247
The Penance use a form of telepathic communication, which one of our elders has managed to tap into and relay to anyone. You are rewarded 'Honour Points' dependant on how well you fight, which can later be244
hall. The points you earn in the waves are dependant on how you perform, with a variety of factors counted towards it. You can see all these factors at the end of the wave and, hence, it is worth noting for future244
The Attacker can use melee, ranged or magic to attack the...243
As the Collector, you must pick up the yellow eggs and pass them to the Healer. This you can do by simply selecting 'use' on the egg and then selecting the Healer. You will also have to take the omega eggs from the241
You can unlock special rewards for killing the Penance Queen. You should also take note that there is a maximum of 5000 Honour Points that you can save in each role before you have to go and spend them.241
...Penance Fighters...240
I shall go through each role to tell you what you will be responsible for. This is a lot to take in but don't worry, I will provide you with a book that will remind you of your task.239
The egg will need to be passed from one person to the next, each person doing something to the egg to prepare it and make it into an omega egg.238
...and the Penance Rangers.237
The omega eggs can then be launched from the egg launcher back at the Queen!236
These monsters have an intuitive defensive system that allows them to protect against different types of attack. This is good for them, but bad for you.235
That's all I can tell you! You're ready to start your career, soldier!235
The stance you are supposed to use will be displayed in the interface at the top right corner, next to the 'ear' icon - this is the information you last heard from the Collector.230
The Queen can't be beaten by normal combat or by normal eggs and hence, it is up to you as a team to change these yellow eggs into omega eggs.229
With the Queen, your task will change. The Queen lays a new type of egg - a yellow egg!228
Defender and load them into the launcher.228
exchanged for rewards.222
You will need to adopt one of four different fighting stances to overcome the Penance, which can be accessed via the combat menu.222
After a certain amount of time you will see the deadly Penance Queen. At this point you will need to remove all the other Penance from the room before you can go about tackling the Queen. Hence, it's best to get rid of221
You can get all the runes and arrows you could possibly need from the Attacker machine near the room's entrance - the machine with a red 'sword' symbol on it.219
If you attack in the wrong stance, your attacks will backfire against you.217
In this role, you are also responsible for telling the Collector what they have to do. Use the horn we give you to call out what is displayed next to the 'mouth' icon.217
So, to recap: DO what is next to the EAR icon; SHOUT out what is next to the MOUTH icon.217
On the tenth wave you will face the final battle. The dungeon you are placed in is slightly different from the other waves, but you can still perform your normal tasks within the roles of Attacker, Defender, Collector216
the normal Penance as fast as possible.212
Shouting out updates the other players' interfaces, so you need to make sure you regularly shout out the information next to the mouth. You will also see the current wave you are on and the role you are working209
and Healer.209
You may want to check out the statues of the Penance Ranger and Penance Fighter near the entrance. It may give you a better idea of what you are up against when playing as an Attacker.204
If you're a Defender, you will find yourself with the blue symbol around your feet.196
As the Defender, you will have to stop the Penance Runners.191
As the Defender, the only way to stop these Penance is to lure them towards traps on the floor. There is one each at the east and west edges of the arena.190
Very well, I'll reset you to wave one.189
You can lure them with a selection of food that's available from the Defender machine near the room's entrance - the machine with a blue 'shield' symbol on it. There are different types of food that you must drop188
These Penance Runners will start off at the far north end of the arena and make their way to the south end. This is a trick we are playing on them - luring them with the smell of their Queen - to test you.185
We believe in only using those runes that were given to us in the first place. We have one such depository of runes that we have used ever since Guthix's kindness. We won't allow you to use runes that are no doubt185
The type of food you are supposed to use (worms, tofu or crackers) will be displayed in the interface at the top right corner, next to the 'ear' icon. This is transmitted to you by the Healer.184
The type of food changes as the Penance Runners wisen to your tactics, and if you use the wrong food type, the Penance Runners will discover your plans and head back from where they came. In this role, you182
on the floor in their vicinity, before finally dropping a piece next to the trap.180
Let me get something clear. At the start of the First Age, the mighty Guthix placed deposits of rune stones all around Gielinor for people to use. But this gift simply wasn't enough for some people and they greedily180
Unfortunately, the traps don't last forever. You must fix them with the materials to the north.179
You can also use these materials to build barricades over the cave entrances to slow down the Penance.177
Also, should you want, there is a bank chest to allow you to stow away any items you don't need while in battle.177
So, you will battle through the waves in your given role, earning Honour Points.175
We also won't let you use any prayers - there is no time to pray! Arrows, too, are provided in the arena, so you had better leave them behind.175
started crafting their own runes.174
created by yourself or some other greedy runecrafter!174
Have a look at the statue of the Penance Runner near the entrance, if you want to learn a little more about these strange creatures.172
Anyone can use this to shout out information to people in the arena. Using the horn, you will be shown an interface that will display all the information you need to know.172
will also be responsible for telling the Healer the information they need. Simply use the horn we give you to call out what is next to the 'mouth' symbol.171
By choosing to be a Collector, you'll find yourself with a yellow symbol.169
You must then take these eggs, and load them into the launchers up on the podiums, so they can be fired at the Penance. There are three types of egg: explosive, poison and stun.168
You will notice these blackboards dotted around. You can use these to view your progress as a soldier. You can battle through these waves as many times as you wish.167
In the Collector role, you must pick up eggs that are dropped by defeated Penance. You can only hold so many at a time, but you can temporarily store them in a bag that we will provide you with when you enter.166
You will also spot a rather large horn in the corner of the arena.166
It's not quite as simple as that, though, because you can only pick up eggs of a certain colour at a certain time. This is because they have a special defence mechanism and will explode upon being touched.164
It'd be a good idea for you to take a look at the statue of the Penance Healer near the entrance. It should help you better understand what you would have to do should you choose the role of Healer.162
The correct colour will be displayed in the interface at the top right corner, next to the 'ear' icon. This is communicated to you by the Attacker. You will also be responsible for telling the Attacker what type of stance162
Along the bottom you will see the names of the other players and the state of their health. Keep this in mind and watch out for players that shout for your help.160
There are two egg launchers in the arena. These are stocked up by the Collector, but can be fired by anyone. Simply click on the launcher, select the type of monster you want to fire at and the egg you want to159
to use, by calling out what is next to the 'mouth' icon. So, to recap: DO what is next to the EAR symbol; SHOUT what is next to the MOUTH symbol.158
Other than performing the task of your role, there are two other things you can do.157
By choosing to be a Healer, you will have a green circle around your feet. As a Healer, your job is to heal players and poison...156 fill up and create a special healing potion for use on other players.156
The dispenser also gives poisoned food that you can use on the Penance Healers. There are three kinds of this poisoned food that you can use - tofu, worms and meat.156
The type to use will be displayed on the interface at the top right, next to the 'ear' icon, which is communicated to you by the Defender. You will also be responsible for telling the Defender which type of food they should be156
using, by calling out with the horn what is next to the 'mouth' icon. So, to recap: DO what is next to the EAR icon; SHOUT what is next to the MOUTH icon.156
...the Penance healers. Look at those nasty teeth! They will heal their own kind and poison your team mates.155
You can get vials from the Healer machine near the room's entrance - the machine with a green 'cross' symbol on it. These vials can be used with the nearby spring...155
I suggest you have a look at the statues of the various Penance, at the entrance to this arena. It may give you a better idea of what you'll be trying to avoid as you collect eggs, if you choose to be a Collector.155
fire (assuming there are eggs of that type loaded).155
What do you mean, you are on wave one!101
'Boring'? You'll get nowhere with that kind of attitude! Drop and give me ten!74
You may regret that, but remember you can come back and get one from me at any time.73
You're currently on wave 2. So you want to start on wave one again?48
You're currently on wave 3. So you want to start on wave one again?28
What? Finish with your training first, soldier!26
You're currently on wave 4. So you want to start on wave one again?26
You're currently on wave 10. So you want to start on wave one again?23
You're currently on wave 5. So you want to start on wave one again?20
Good to see you've learned some respect, make it five19
You're currently on wave 6. So you want to start on wave one again?17
You did?17
You'll do as I say!16
I don't trust you in the slightest. Do as I tell you!16
You're currently on wave 7. So you want to start on wave one again?15
You're currently on wave 8. So you want to start on wave one again?9
You're currently on wave 9. So you want to start on wave one again?7
What? Such insolence! How dare you speak like that, you poor excuse for goblin-dribble!2
Drop and give me twenty!2
Why I oughtta!2