So where to?1,255
I find that hard to believe! I have lots of human friends.1,251
Hi, the King said that you need to leave?1,248
Okay! You're the boss! Hold on tight, it'll be a rough ride!1,239
Sorry about that.862
Ah, how embarrassing.549
A bit of a technical hitch with the landing gear. I won't be able to fly you anywhere, sorry.476
That turbulence over the Karamja Volcano was a bit unexpected, and the area round here isn't well suited for emergency landing. Still! we're still alive that's the main thing. Are you okay?211
I don't think I can fix this. Looks like we'll be heading back by foot. I might see if I can find Penwie while I'm here, I believe he's charting the area.141
I think I saw some buildings on the coast east of here while we were crashing. I'd have a look there.97
Glough has ordered that I only take gnomes on Gnome Air.91
I don't think I can fix this. Looks like I'll be heading back by foot.72
Take care adventurer!69
Of course!66
An excellent delivery. Thank you.57
Gnome Air is the finest airline in Gielinor!39
I can't take you anywhere.36
Well there's a dodgy magic carpet operation in the desert, I doubt it will ever take off... Ha!33
I would, but Glough has told me not to take humans on Gnome Air.32's the only real airline in Gielinor.29
Welcome to Gnome Air!21
Oh we have a whole network! It's wonderful for getting to hard to reach places.11
There are so many places where your teleports cannot reach!11
It's east of here. I think I saw some buildings on the coast while we were crashing...11
Call it 'creative landing'.10
I think you'll find that is a gnome trade secret!10
Okay. I'll be here for when you're ready.4