Hello there.489
You should speak to Ignisia, she'll fill you in.96
Go play in the snow and come back when you've done something.64
Ignisia appears to be quite happy with you.31
Ignisia claims it's some kind of evil spirit.30
Nah, I believe in things I can stab and kill. This is all just a storm in a teacup. I mean, how can wind and snow be evil? My toad is more of a threat!30
Yeah, just a bit of fun, I have a pet - he's around here somewhere, assuming that troublesome cat hasn't eaten him.28
No weirder than being scared of snow.26
I'm Captain Kalt, proud member of the Shayzien Guard.19
Man and boy I've worn the uniform. Earned Captain a few years back and never looked back. Not too happy about babysitting delusional wizards though. But Orders is Orders.18
You appear to have tried a little.10