Ah, it's good to be on board a ship again! No matter how long I live on land, a ship will always seem better. Are you ready to depart?903
Ah, it's good to feel the salt spray on my face once again!822
Not long now! According to the chart, we'd be able to see Crandor if it wasn't for those clouds on the horizon.807
See what?798
It's the dragon!795
We're going to sink!793
We're going to crash!790
And this is a mighty fine ship. She don't look much, but she handles like a dream.757
Oh, well. The weather had been so good up until now.680
The ship's in a sorry state. You'd better fix up the hole in the hull before we can go anywhere.95
Now I see why all the other captains said I'd be mad to go near Crandor. It looks like we're stranded.77
Oh, that's good. I'll be able to get back to Draynor somehow,43
if I can sneak past all the skeletons and demons on this island!41
Shiver me timbers!16
Weigh the anchor!14
Swab the deck!14
Arr, Jim lad!11
Splice the mainsail!10
Arr, Jenkins lad!8
Well, you go do whatever you need to do. I'll wait here for you until you're ready.3