Aaa shomefing ter go wiv my beer. Thish dwarf beerz quite shtrong you know...127
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.103
I'm enjoyn' the local hoschpitalieee. hee hee.87
tee hee, I probblie schoodn' 'av anuva drinkie right now. But dis dwarven beer ish kind of moreish after the fiff pint.72
I yousht to be a tesht pilot yoo know. I reeel hero.62
Naaah, I realished I woz scared ov heightsh.53
I'll try. Bofe eyez...52
But I loscht my bottle. Scho I now ffind scholiss in the bottle.49
Here you go, have a dashing pilot's scarf.15
I have some spare goggles, you might as well have them.9