What are you doing up here? Only the palace guards are allowed up here.924
Oh, he did, did he? Well I don't report to Sir Prysin, I report directly to the king!867
Ok, I'm listening. Tell me what's so important.838
Is it a powerful demon?740
As good as the palace guards are, I don't know if they're up to taking on a very powerful demon.726
Ha ha ha! The idiot!713
Only because the king ordered him to! The king couldn't get Sir Prysin to part with his precious ancestral sword, but he made him lock it up so he couldn't lose it.708
Yes, I do. But why should I give it to you?707
What, all by yourself? How are you going to do that?704
I didn't work my way up through the ranks of the palace guards so I could take orders from an ill-bred moron who only has his job because his great- grandfather was a hero with a silly name!653
I got one key and I think some wizard got another. Now what happened to the third one?527
Okay, I'll give you the key, just so that it's you that kills the demon and not Sir Prysin!483
You can't fool me! How do I know you haven't just made that story up to get my key?269
A gypsy? Destiny? I don't believe in that stuff. I got where I am today by hard work, not by destiny! Why should I care what that mad old gypsy says?268
No, you're not! I know all the palace guards.41
Now that is important. However I'm the wrong person to speak to about it. Go talk to the kitchen staff.37
Well it can't be that important then.28
Just go away.27
Well, yes, I suppose we'd let him up. He doesn't generally want to come up here, but if he did want to, he could.26
Yeah, they're--24
Anyway, you're not the King either. So get out of my sight.21
Wait! How dare you insult the palace guards? Get out of my sight!18
I interview all the new recruits. I'd know if you were one of them.18
Get out of my sight.18
Yes, you said before, haven't you killed it yet?17
What sort of surgery is that? I've never heard of it. Besides, you look reasonably healthy.16
Why is this relevant anyway? You still shouldn't be here.15
Well, I'm sure the palace guards can deal with it, then. Thanks for the information.13
Talk to me again when you have free inventory space.12
I already gave you my key. Maybe you left it somewhere. Have you checked your bank account?10
I already gave you my key. Check your pockets.7