What are you doing in here?1,267
You don't belong in here, get out!1,223
Yes, I do. Now please get to the point?1,167
Well, yes actually... It's been a passion of mine for some years...1,093
Oh yes? Really? 1,083
Well, I was quite a catch in my day you know!1,082
Long enough to know when someone is stalling!33
Well, okay, but very quickly. I am a very busy person you know!27
I don't have time to talk to you. Move along please!21
Where's the fire? I don't see any fire? Stop messing me around and state your business!19
Oh, really!18
Come on, spit it out! Right that's it! Guards!18
Okay, that's it, get out! Guards!17
Sorry, not interested!17
Please state your business or get out!13
I'll teach you a lesson!8
Don't talk rubbish, the warning siren isn't sounding. Now state your business before I have you thrown out.7
Well of course there isn't, we're surrounded by desert. Now, why are you here exactly?6
You go and sound the alarm, I can't see anything wrong with the mine. Have you seen the fire yourself?6
Well, why didn't you raise the alarm?6
This happens to be my office. Now explain yourself before I run you through!4
Good, now perhaps you can leave me in peace? After all I do have some work to do.4
Good! Please remove yourself from my office.4
You need to what?3
There's nothing wrong with the chest, it's fine, now get out!3
Really! Where? I don't see any dragons young man? Now, please get out of my office, I have work to do.3
Well, that's very good of you. But as you can see, I am very fine and well thanks! Now, please leave so that I can get back to my work.3
That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. Who are you? Where do you come from? It doesn't matter... Guards! Show this person out!2
Well, I most certainly am not lonely!2
I'm an incredibly busy man you know! Now, get to the point, what do you want?2