Serves you bloody right too.326
Excuse me - 321
Report back to the king as soon as possible.123
And we really likes our homes...114
The phrase is 'bites the dust' Lumo...112
I'm not sure - I'm beginning to lose track.107
Only if it involves 3 tonnes of ice-cream, a helium balloon and an inflatable pink gorilla...101
That is so not true. What about the time in Draynor?100
And they all seem to have the same clothes...92
That has to be the worst joke I've ever heard...85
And I thought 'night' was just a rumour...82
They're a bit short, ain't they?77
Yup, it sure is.50
Well, I figured that with Glough being gone and all...33
Whatever you say, boss.18
Well I'm not complaining - this jail cell is larger than my room in the Grand Tree! It is a little sparse however...17
Sorry, %USERNAME%, the king has sealed off access to the cavern for the time being.9
I'm meant to be here now. We're working undercover.7
No hurries...5
Monkey corpse stuffed with seaweed!?1