We serve Crombwick's finest Bloody Bracer, that is all.2,076
99 of your finest coins.2,073
Huh. Looks like we're all out of Bloody Bracer again.1,738
I don't know what you're on about. There're no routine inspections here. Now clear off, I have customers to serve!1,723
Health? What are you on about?1,721
My supplier is a private individual. He doesn't like others meddling in his affairs. So yes, it does matter.1,720
Yes, but what I mean is, why do you want to know?1,719
It's an old recipe of the Crombwick family.1,717
Who's asking?1,717
Kroy. We've run out of Bloody Bracer again.1,423
There's something else as well. Someone's been poking around, asking about Bloody Bracer.1,217
I don't know. They don't look to be from around here.1,214
I... I thought you'd want to know.1,171
Hey! I don't need to help you!1,166
What can I say? The ingredients are locally sourced so it's high quality, I promise.104
I've not been here long myself, so I'm afraid I may not be of much help.100
Oh, he had to leave.98
Scared of turning.97
Yes, into a sleeper.96
Ha ha! We, err, don't see many of those types around here. No, no, not at all.96
I do. So...96
I said 99 coins! You haven't got 99 coins!38
Oh, the red thirst will be upon you soon.38
Just a jest, traveller.36
You don't give up do you. I'm not telling you anything so clear off.17
Sorry, you don't seem to have room to hold it.12