I bet people would get pretty angry if they had their food taken away. You could burn the food stores in West Ardougne and claim it's to protect people from the plague.181
Some will, but don't forget that it was the authorities that supplied the food in the first place. People will soon get angry if they think that not enough care is being taken with the food.180
Oh, hello.124
My son fell ill with the plague...121
It would be easier to cope with if I could have spent his last few days with him.120
Those mourners came and whisked him away. He didn't even seem that ill, I thought it was a common cold... But the mourners said that he was infected and had to be taken away.116
Two days later the mourners returned and told me he had died.102
Me too...28
It's down to King Tyras. He and his men brought the plague here from the west, and then left us to suffer. One day he'll pay for what he's done!16
You could say that... I've heard reports that half of West Ardougne is infected! Many have lost friends and family...13
People are very depressed and scared. I've never met anyone fully infected though. I suppose we should be grateful to the mourners for that.13
I'm okay. The loss of my son is something that I'll never be over. At least no one else has to suffer at the hands of those mourners though.12
Good work out there. You'd better speak to Elena and Councillor Halgrive, they'll go over the next steps with you.1
Haven't you people done enough to my family? Leave me to grieve over my son on my own.1