Excuse me, can you help me with this question?3,537
Great! I wrote it down for you.3,537
Please enter the answer to the question.3,475
Thank you so much!3,394
Is there any chance you could help me?1,261
It's my husband, he works on a fishing platform. Once a month he takes our son, Kennith, out with him.1,259
Maybe, but no-one's heard from the other fishermen on the platform. Their families are becoming quite concerned.1,256
Brave %USERNAME%, you've returned!1,254
Yes, Holgart told me and sent a rescue party out. Kent's back home now, resting with Kennith. I don't think he'll be doing any fishing for a while.1,252
Thank you. Take care of yourself %USERNAME%.1,249
That's very good of you %USERNAME%. My friend Holgart will take you there.1,244
I'll reward you for your time. It'll give me peace of mind to know Kennith and my husband, Kent, are safe.1,242
Kennith told me about the strange goings-on at the platform. I had no idea it was so serious.1,063
They usually write to me regularly, but I've heard nothing all week. It's very strange.895
Is there any chance you could visit the platform and find out what's going on?890
Here, take these Oyster pearls as a reward. They're worth quite a bit and can be used to make lethal crossbow bolts.885
I could have lost my son and my husband if it wasn't for you.727
Hello traveller, how are you?98
Are you sure? That sounds a little off to me.78
I'm good. Busy as always looking after Kent and Kennith but no complaints.68
Brave %USERNAME%, have you any news about my son and his father?46
Please bring them back safe and sound.42
That's a shame.3