Hello, adventurer.3,192
So, does the high priest have any instructions for me?1,020
Yes, I remember he gave me some drawings a few days ago. Now what wood was it to be made of again?1,020
Ah yes, I remember now, it was to be made of willow. Though there's a small problem with that.1,017
Okay, it's finished here you go.995
Just adding the finishing touches.994
Wow, you're quick. I'm all out of willow wood and seeing as I'm unable to get any more due to the quarantine, I'm going to need some help with this.956
That's good. I'll have the symbol ready for you shortly. I'm sure you have plenty of other important things to do in the meanwhile.944
Well, last time I checked, the job description for a carpenter is to craft things out of wood, while you, being an adventurer, need to run around doing thankless tasks for people in need...and right now I944
You should get that to the high priest as soon as possible. We're all really getting sick of these plagues.941
Not a notion.921
Oh, one more thing, I think that the high priest has had a particularly bad dose of these spots so he's gone off to start the ceremony already.921
Apologies if I was a little on the cold side earlier, but the high priest said that you're working with him and that's good enough for me.829
Have you got the logs yet?765
Give me a second.704
need you to do this.690
Sorry, adventurer, I have nothing to trade with you.393
No, now look... I'm busy trying to get this thing finished. If you don't stop annoying me, it will never get done.227
Sorry, no. I've recently worked out a decent supply which bypasses the grey economy.76
It's selling bits and pieces through unofficial channels, avoiding taxes and import duty. Since I'm trying to keep on the good side of our esteemed rulers, I don't trade that way these days.66
Have you given the symbol to the high priest yet?56
Well, if he's not in town, then I'm sure he must be down in the pyramid getting the ceremony underway.51
Well, seeing as I have gotten this dreadful dermatological disease as a direct result of some of your antics, I think you should be duty bound to help me.16
Get away from me you filthy grave robber.11
So explain why that spectre is accusing you of such a crime. The dead rarely have need for lies.11
Not too bad. Since the town reopened, the embalmer is importing a soothing balm from a merchant called Ali M. It's meant to take the itch away.5
Not even remotely, but it sure does keep the flies away.4
Would you listen to me; I'm rambling. Let's talk business.4
Well then, hurry up and get me those willow logs.3
Those plague locusts and frogs aren't too keen on it either.3
What? What? I made that symbol to exactly match the drawings I was given. I can't believe this.3
Sorry, it's just these spots. They have me half demented. Just hang on a second and I'll make up another one.3
Here you go. Now, do hurry up and get this to the ceremony.3
Good day, grave robber. What do you want?3
Well aren't you wonderful! Do you want a medal for your efforts.3
I'd hope so. Because of your actions, I'm covered with the most awful spots, I've been forced to close my business down, there are hordes of giant frogs and locust roaming the streets and all the nearby livestock3
are sick.3
The carpenter glares angrily at you. You notice a vein on his left temple starting to bulge...3
A little better since I heard you're on the case again.3
I know you're working for the return of our townspeople; the new faces should create enough of a distraction for me to forget about these spots.3
Well, I suppose things could be worse, though I really did have my hopes up. I thought you could fix things up.2
Well, I've got a business to run here. I can't keep feeling sorry for myself for ever.2
How are things going with the ceremony?2
Aghhh!!! You stupid man. Will I ever be free of these plagues? First it was the spots, now it's stupidity.2
In your on good time. don't rush on my behalf; I'm only half crippled with these pus-filled pustules of penance.1
Aghhh!!! You stupid woman. Will I ever be free of these plagues? First it was the spots, now it's stupidity.1