Ahoy up there! Would you like to ride our minecart to Keldagrim? It's free.2,301
Tickets, tickets, get your tickets here!1,006
Why, that part of the mines hasn't been used in a long time. I don't rightly know what you would find behind there.708
I don't have the authority to do that kind of thing.705
I don't know. Perhaps you have an influential friend?703
And where would you like to go?546
That service is free. Just hop on a cart on Track 3, and away you go.495
Let's see, we could let you travel to Ice Mountain, or to the Grand Exchange.351
I could also let you go to White Wolf Mountain, since you've befriended our brothers there.257
That'll be 100 gold coins please.237
Anything I can help you with?223
Thanks. Go to track 4 for carts heading to White Wolf Mountain.215
This is the Keldagrim Carts-station, human.155
Ahoy up there! The mine cart station's closed, so please don't come down here.155
Keldagrim is the hub of all the traffic of the dwarven realm. Almost every dwarven outpost has railtracks leading to Keldagrim, connecting them all for easy travel and transportation of goods.154
One ticket to ehm... *hic* Keldagrim. That's 2... 3.... *hic* 100 glittering gold coins!152
Oh, that service is free. Just hop on a cart on Track 3, and away you go.150
Oh, no no, we dwarves don't use magic. No, all of this is powered by steam engines, developed during the past few centuries after the Consortium came to power.146
Thanksh a lot human! Remember to come back for more shtout whenever you want! *hic*114
Ahoy up there! You'd better pick up your follower before you come down here and ride the minecart.104
Out of the way human!98
There's important traffic coming through here and I don't want any stray humans distracting me.84
Watch out, sir! Don't want anything to run over your follower!64
That'll be 150 gold coins please.59
Watch out, madam! Don't want anything to run over your follower!44
Thanks, carts to Ice Mountain depart from track 1.41
Yes sir? Can I help you at all?34
I can't help you, sorry.34
I don't know that either. Don't you have any influential friends in the city?31
North, north, north *hic* north to Keldagrim!30
Just remember, wherever you go, you go there faster through Keldagrim Carts.28
One ticket to Keldagrim, that's 150 coins then.25
Wait a shecond... WAIT a shecond! You're a human! I don't think you're allowed to use the carts.17
Maybe if you find another way into the city *hic*, maybe you can speak to someone and they'll let you.17
Yes m'am? Can I help you at all?16
Whooooo? Meeeee? Oh, I make sure *hic* the cart traffic proceedsh *hic* in an orderly fishion. Fashion. Yes.15
Waith a shecond... that'sh only 50 coinsh!15
Wot you want?14
Errr... yesh, I shuppose you're right.14
Thanks for your custom!12
This track leads right up to Keldagrim. Only stop.11
You're a decent human, I suppose... I can let you go for 50 coins. Go to track 4 for the carts heading to White Wolf Mountain.11
You're in the main waiting area of Keldagrim Carts- station.9
Just remember, wherever you go... ehm... *hic* oh, forget it.8
I'm sorry, sir, but I don't believe you can hold the ticket.8
You're alright, I suppose... I can let you go for 75 coins. And remember, carts to Ice Mountain depart from track 1.7
I'm an employee of Keldagrim Carts. I make sure the carts in this area run on time and that people pay their fares.6
I don't think I'm allowed to take you into the city of Keldagrim, human. Perhaps when you find another way into the city and talk to someone of importance there you will be allowed to.5
Can't you see I'm 'aving a lil' break?4
This is only 75 coins, I can't let you have a ticket for that.4
Well... I suppose so.4
Well... I could have taken you to Keldagrim, but I don't think you'd fit in right now.4
The grand capital of all the dwarven realm!4
I'm sorry, madam, but I don't believe you can hold the ticket.2
Whaaaat? What kind of queshtion ish that to ask?1
Are you shure you haven't had too mush to drink yourshelf? Hopsh? Kelda sheeds? I haven't a clue what you mean.1
What'sh thish brewing you shpeak of? Beer flowsh down from the great beer mountain. When the beersnow meltsh, you know.1
Well, shince you're quite obvioushly drunk, you might want to go down the tunnel a lil' bit. Plenty of drunken dwarvesh down there who might help.1
I can't take you anywhere at the moment.1
I can't sell any more tickets right now, I'm afraid.1
You don't seem fit to ride mine carts, I'm afraid!1
Not right now! That's a special privilege!1