What's it like on the surface? It sounds scary to me, having nothing above my head.125
Have you visited the market? There are visitors selling foods from all over the surface there. It's so exotic!117
So, what do you think of our city, surface-dweller?115
Ooh! Are you %USERNAME%?110
How can you see properly with such tiny little eyes?107
Look, everyone! It's %USERNAME%!97
Everyone's talking about how you rescued Zanik! You're the city's hero again!82
Visiting Keldagrim is so exciting! I never thought I'd be so far from Dorgesh-Kaan in my life!81
These dwarves have so much more advanced technology than us. Look at this train! We could never build something like this.78
Oh dear, oh dear. I hope this dwarf train works properly!74
Keldagrim's very nice to visit, but I don't think I'd want to live there.74
Everyone's talking about how you helped Zanik save the city! You're a hero!42
Nooo! Don't hurt us!41
I'm still not sure it would be for me, though.41
That, surface-dweller, was the right answer.40
Well, I suppose it wouldn't be exotic for you, since you're from the surface.39
But you should check it out anyway. Maybe you could sell some of your food. Everyone's crazy about surface food at the moment.35
You're the human who secured peace between the Dorgeshuun and Lumbridge, aren't you?9
Never mind, you can stay down here now!9
Thank you so much! I was worried it was a return to the times of war, but perhaps surface-dwellers are not so bad.6
Don't shine that thing in my eyes!5
Beware of swamp gas! Look out for the warning marks!4
I'm a bit worried about the increase of humans these days.4
Present company excluded, of course!4
Well, it beats crawling around on the surface with nothing above your head!4
Oh no! The surface-dwellers are coming to kill us all!4
You haven't got a tinderbox! What if your light goes out?3
Here, I have a spare.3
Where did you come from?3
Don't tread on my feet!2
Above ground? Where is that?2
Ick. Sounds horrible.1