Be ye mad? There be Horrors in this cave!2,729
Have ye ever heard of the sort of evil, flesh-eatin' horrors that dwell in the darkest pits of the world?2,482
Well, that's ok then.2,216
Well, ye see them Jungle Horrors? Well down in the caves there be Cave Horrors.2,140
Yer welcome.2,032
The sort of dark, sanity-breakin' THINGS that cause the livin' to drop to their knees and weep for the fate of all creation?1,934
Well, have ye?1,648
But, ye'll need a Witchwood Icon from a slayer master if ye want te go in these caves and live.1,626
They are bigger, badder, meaner, and have a howl that freezes the blood in yer veins.1,565
Wearin' earmuffs or a helmet won't work, cos them masks they wear make the sound magical. Only thing that works is wearin' a Witchwood Icon.1,525
That is, o'course, if ye can see them, cos if ye don't have any light down there then yer likely te be picked te bones by the insects before the Horrors get ye.1,468
Be ye here te deal with the Horrors?204
Aye, well, keep yer Icon with ye if ye wants te walk out alive again.181
Be ye some form of simpleton? Do ye not hear the howlin' of the Horrors?17
That be them, howlin', always howlin'!17
If ye value yer limbs ye'll put that Icon round yer neck, and hope they don't come out into the light!16