Hey! What are you doing back here?744
Aaaaaah... a fellow Phoenix! So, tell me compadre... what brings you to sunny Brimhaven?713
Ah yes, of course. The candlesticks. Well, I have to be honest with you compadre, we haven't made much progress in that task ourselves so far. We can however offer673
Not at all! The more minds we have working on the problem, the quicker we get that loot!667
a little assistance. The setting up of this restaurant was the start of things; we have a secret door out the back of here that leads through the back of Mr Olbors' garden.566
and we can't seem to find a way through. We're positive this is the key to entering the house undetected however, and I promise to let you know if we find anything there.506
Now, at the other side of Mr Olbors' garden, is an old side entrance to Scarface Pete's mansion. It seems to have been blocked off from the rest of the mansion some years ago419
Well, can't say I blame you compadre. I used to be a city boy myself, but have to admit it's a lot nicer living here nowadays. Brimhaven's certainly good for it.29
Well get out! This kitchen isn't for exploring! It's a private establishment! It's out of bounds to customers!3