What you want, skinny creature?678
He skinny man who climb down vine the other day, yah? He big fool. You see what he stole?414
Yah, dat little man is big idiot. Climbed down vine, grabbed tooth-pick off Tess and ran away like scared kebbit.411
Dis is tooth-pick. Tess got plenty more. If skinny idiot man want Tess' old tooth-pick, maybe he sick in his head. But Tess not having shamans curse anyone.409
Dis our home. It comfy, though we thinking of maybe getting more space up on land, above. But silly Corsair men live up there an' think dey own whole place.67
Maybe one day dat gonna change. Tess got plans.63
Yah, skinny man climb down vine the other day. Little man, big idiot! Hahahaha...34
He very silly!34
Nope. Tess never asked shamans to curse silly Corsair men just over a tooth-pick. Tess not that kind of person.10