Welcome to the Ardougne Domestic Service Agency!778
Certainly! We have a number of servants here now looking for work. Why not have a chat to them and see which one you would like to hire?217
Oh dear, are you sure?189
Very well, you no longer have a servant.187
First you'll need to make sure you have a servant's room. A servant will automatically take the second-best bedroom, leaving the best for yourself, of course! So you will need to build two bedrooms in your house.185
According to our records, one of our people is already working for you. If you want to hire a different one you will have to dismiss them.50
Do you need help around your house? Our trained, efficient workers are ready to serve you.37
They can cook meals for you and your friends, make tea, serve drinks, greet guests, and even take items to and from the bank for you.33
Remember, you'll need to keep paying your servant. You pay them once when you hire them, and then they'll periodically ask for wages. You can dismiss your servant at any time.32
The more expensive servants will be able to make trips to the bank more quickly. Some of them can also go to the sawmill to change logs to planks for you.28