Grrrr, what business you got here?1,191
So what you want with me?1,182
Is that so... You humour me small t'ing. Answer this riddle and I will help you...1,144
Hur, hur. The imp has done it! This is what you be needing...1,144
I want you to bring me an item: I will give you all the letters of this item, you work out what it is...948
My fifth is in heaven, and also in hate, My sixth is in fearing, but not in fate, My seventh is in plush, but not in place.869
My whole is an object, that magic will make. It brings wrack and ruin to all in its wake... Now how long, I wonder, will this riddle take?854
My eighth is in nine, but not in eight, My last is in earth, and also in great.778
My first is in days, but not in years, My second is in evil, and also in tears, My third is in all, but not in none, My fourth is in hot, but not in sun.747
What is it?188
What's the point? Take this one and go away!99
Yes, what looks good on a plate with salad?32
Grr! Think you are a comedian, eh? Get lost!19
You imps always store things in places and forget. Go look for it.15
You! Now go, and bother me no more.)13
Hur, hur, hur... I see you haven't worked it out yet. Keep trying, imp.11
I would like to see you try!11
Are you blind? What is that you are carrying?8
What's the point? Go away, and dont bother me again until you have space for a replacement!1