You're that adventurer the family asked to help get those weird cultists who keep breaking in, right?23
Good luck with that!22
Hello there. Caught any of those weird thieves yet?9
Well, keep at it!6
Well hello there adventurer! Are we fit and well?5
Glad to hear it.5
I... just CAN'T understand it! How? HOW could someone poison my delicious food without me even noticing??? I... I just don't understand!5
Oh man... I hope I don't lose my job over this... but HOW? How did they do it? And why would the villain want to kill poor Scruffy anyway? He was such a good dog...5
Hello! How are you today?2
Good good.2
Sorry! Can't stop to chat! You would be AMAZED at how many meals this family gets through daily!2