My task is incomplete. You must open the portal so I can defeat the great demon.3,346
I sensed a great darkness, as of a demon revelling in its moment of triumph.2,233
It is a terrible thing for a demon to be victorious. I wish there was something I could do to rectify the situation.2,182
And now this sandstorm appears, the likes of which I have not seen in three thousand years. What can it mean?1,950
That is true. Perhaps if you opened my head and removed the instruction concerning the portal I would be able to help you.1,120
The demon must be defeated...1,103
Demon must be defeated! Task incomplete.1,102
What are we waiting for? What do I need to do?1,099
It is good to see a friendly face here. The priest has said nothing to me but 'Get ye away, foul construct!'1,078
I cannot do that. It is forbidden for a golem to enter the portal.1,073
New instructions... Updating program...1,070
Task complete!978
Damage repaired...975
The four statuettes in the temple must be turned to the correct pattern.958
A great demon. It broke through from its dimension to attack the city.920
Thank you. Now my mind is at rest.897
But there must have been a reason why my builders imposed this restriction. I do not know what would happen to me if I went through the portal.891
Thank you. My body and mind are fully healed.848
Task incomplete.811
I do not know the pattern. Golems are not permitted to open the portal.796
Now I must complete my task by defeating the great enemy.770
The golem army was created to fight it. Many were destroyed, but we drove the demon back!749
I cannot remember. The shock of seeing a human being killed wiped the details of the incident from my memory.739
I saw one of the the men in dark robes run out of the temple. He looked very frightened and I feared for his safety.736
The demon is still wounded. You must open the portal so that I can strike the final blow and complete my task.711
He was carrying a large book. He started to head out into the desert, but then turned back and hid the book in one of the broken kilns in which my kind were created long ago.625
I should have saved him, but I was not fast enough to throw myself in the path of the fireball.564
Then another man came out of the temple. He said magical words and threw a fireball at the first man, turning him to dust!530
A golem cannot disobey the commands in its mind!505
I do not know. I was not privy to the thoughts of my designers, and now they cannot be asked.276
If not I, then who else? No living being can destroy the demon. That is why the golems were created in the first place.251
But the demon was badly wounded and elder-demons heal very slowly indeed. It was almost dead when it retreated to its own dimension.220
Some of them were curious about me when they arrived, but since then they have ignored me.190
As they passed me I felt a sense of dark foreboding, something I have not felt since the great enemy was nearby. I fear they are planning some great evil.176
Now that I am repaired, I will be able to destroy it easily!161
I will wait.118
Demon is dead... regret... could not assist.117
I do not know. I heard him say that Saradomin hates all artificial creatures.115
It was not always so. When I was new, the priests of Saradomin praised the ingenuity of the golem-builders.104
I paraded through the city with my siblings, all painted in bright colours, and they blessed us with holy water as we prepared for battle.99
He should know that I could never hurt him. The first command in a golem's mind is that it cannot allow a human being to come to harm.99
Thank you for helping me. A golem can have no greater satisfaction than knowing that its task is complete.93
I was never programmed to appreciate the city. My only purpose was the destruction of the demon, and that is achieved!87
Strength low...54
This realm... sapping strength... combat capability impaired...39
Speech functions not impaired.36
This must be... reason... portal forbidden...33
I regret that I could not assist you in the slaying of Agrith-Naar.28
Golems cannot pass through the portal. But the demon will soon emerge. I must ready myself for combat!14