Perhaps. What is it that you need?921
Are you sure this is not some elaborate deception on my part, to fool them?918
Because you seek the last page of Maledict's holy book. It is right here for you.918
Perhaps, but at the end of the day it is what you need. Do you want it or not?917
%USERNAME%, there you are.915
It has been torn into three pieces. You will need to stick them back together before you can use them.853
Don't mention it.850
Stay sharp boy.800
Hmm, it can't be a coincidence that the Mayor is 'renovating' the shrine. He must be preparing to break the Mother Mallum free.619
Hmm, it might be worth speaking to that priest of Saradomin.619
I doubt that, but go on.617
I might. Who's asking?500
Stay sharp girl.490
I see Sir Tiffy still has his fun with the Initiates. Sigh, I asked for a Knight and I get a whelp.478
Care to be more specific?475
See if he's got any more light to shed on this.463
Anything else I can do for you?460
Sounds like this shrine needs a thorough investigation. 455
Well, I started to notice something about three weeks ago.454
Hmm, fishy you say. Anything else?452
Did he say anything more?452
Quiet down, I'm talking here.433
No, mining equipment.425
As well as the mining equipment, he's been bringing in rune essence in large quantities.422
Hmm. There are only three people I recommend speaking to.421
Yes, some of the villagers have been disappearing overnight and reappearing the next day in a dazed and confused state.417
Firstly go speak to Mayor Hobb. He was the first to be acting strangely.417
They could be I suppose, but I'd rather you made sure.413
Next, speak to Brother Maledict at the church.412
Anything else you need to know?411
Finally, speak to Holgart the fisherman. I haven't seen him sailing in a while. That is definitely a bit off.407
That covers about everyone, but don't just limit yourself to those three. Others may have some insight into what's been happening.401
That's an awful big something boy.377
The Mayor called a meeting of the town council. Nothing too strange about that, in and of itself.365
I recommend taking a good look down there - see if anything is amiss.359
Now what do you want to know.357
Now, I thought that was a bit off since he's about as religious as a dead dog on a termite mound.325
I could have let that slip, save for the things he's been bringing in.306
He was acting a bit strange, like he'd taken a blow to the head or something. At the end of the meeting he announces that he's going to be renovating the shrine just west of the town.304
As well as that, he isn't looking too healthy.301
What? Are you mad boy?300
He speaks to a lot of the villagers and has a good feel for what's going on in town.297
Like I said, a whelp. And don't 'Sir' me boy, I work for a living.290
Far beyond what's needed for a small village such as this.290
Jake will do fine boy.287
So boy, what have you learned?278
That's an awful big something girl.241
What? Are you mad girl?188
Like I said, a whelp. And don't 'Sir' me girl, I work for a living.180
Jake will do fine girl.178
So girl, what have you learned?164
Well, what's to say. This place is falling apart.85
Run down? Hah! This place used to be a bustling hive of industry.83
The Fishing Platform happened to it.83
Almost overnight Witchaven became a ghost town.73
When you introduce a large scale operation like the Fishing Platform, it takes away the business from the little guy.72
Remember, bigger is not always better.70
Well, you'll need to free up space for three items in your backpack first.65
What do you want to know?62
Anything new to report?60
I'm going to pretend you didn't say that boy.55
Ah hello, %USERNAME%. Good to see you.37
By reputation. I heard about what you did with Solus Dellagar; good job.35
I have my contacts.35
Oh, I'm sure you'll find out eventually.32
I need to be, it's how I've stayed alive this long.32
That's enough for now. I'm sure we'll speak again sometime soon.31
Goodbye, %USERNAME%.31
If I was a Black Knight, do you really think I'd be just sitting here?27
Let's just say that for the moment that information is beyond your means.27
I'm going to pretend you didn't say that girl.26
Dont be silly, girl.19
I'd be looting your gear before you landed in Lumbridge my girl.19
Dont be silly, boy.14
I'd be looting your gear before you landed in Lumbridge my boy.13
Hello. What can I do for you?9
A spot of fishing.9
That my friend, depends on what you're fishing for.9
A little of this, a little of that; the usual things.9
The odd bite here and there. Hmm.9
An old friend of mine. You'll find him sitting on a bench in Falador Park. See what he can do for you.9
None of that matters if you can find him and if you're ready my name isn't necessary.9
Goodbye and good luck.9
You look like a capable lad.8
Tell you what, when you've got a bit more experience under your belt, get yourself over to Falador.7
What? Do I know you boy?4
Oh, you're %USERNAME%. Well, I can't say I'm too impressed.3
I'm the last person you want to annoy, friend. I'm also top of the food chain as far you're concerned.3
Look, I'm going to save you a whole heap of trouble and embarrassment here.3
I'm going to tell you to go away and come back when you've done something of note.3
------------, there you are.1
You look like a capable lass.1