Do I look like I care? To me you're just another newcomer who thinks they're ready to fight.2,319
Very good, but that little butter knife isn't going to protect you much. Let's get you something a bit better. Once you're properly equipped we can move on to some actual combat.2,288
I saw. You seem better at this than I thought. Now that you have grasped basic swordplay, let's move on.2,180
I am Vannaka, the greatest swordsman alive, and I'm here to teach you the basics of combat. Let's get started by teaching you to wield a weapon.1,717
Next up we have ranged combat. With this you can kill foes from a distance. With ranged, you'll be able to attack the rats without entering the pit meaning they won't be able to fight back.1,625
Oi! Get away from there. Only enter the rat cage when I say so.561
Let's get started by teaching you to wield a weapon.522
Do you need something?291
Let's get you equipped.250
You should check out the combat interface.230
No, don't enter the pit. Range the rats from outside the cage.170
Time for some actual combat! Head into the pen and kill one of those rats.124
Use your bow and arrows to kill one of those rats from outside the pen.52
Okay then.25
You're not ready to continue yet. You need to know about combat before you go on.23
Ah yes, the Wilderness. It is a place of evil, mark my words. Many is the colleague I have lost in that foul place.6
Thinking of being a ranger, eh? Well, okay. I don't enjoy it myself, but I can see the appeal.5
It is also the only place in the land of Gielinor where players are able to attack each other at will, and as such is the haunt of many Player Killers, or PKers if you will.4
It is also a place of both adventure and wealth, so if you are brave enough and strong enough to survive it, you will make a killing. Literally!3
There are a few things different in the Wilderness in comparison to the rest of the lands of Gielinor. Firstly, as I just mentioned, you can and will be attacked by other players.3
Your current Wilderness level is shown at the bottom right of the screen. The final thing you should know about the Wilderness is being 'skulled'.3
Now, those rats were easy pickings, but on the mainland you will be very lucky if you can find a spot where you can shoot at your enemies without them being able to retaliate.3
For this reason, you will be given a warning when you approach the Wilderness, as it is not a place you would wish to enter by accident.2
Secondly, there are a number of 'levels' to it. The further into it you travel, the greater the range of people you can attack.2
In level 1 wilderness you will only be able to attack, or be attacked by, those players within one combat level of yourself.2
In level 50, any player within fifty levels of you will be able to attack, or be attacked by you. Always keep an eye on what level of the Wilderness you are currently in.2
If you attack another player without them having attacked first, you will gain a skull above your character's head.2
If you wish to find the Wilderness, head north from where you start on the mainland. It is rather large and hard to miss.2
Your effectiveness as a ranger is almost entirely dependent on your Ranged stat. As with all skills, the more you train it, the more powerful it will become.2
Ranging employs a lot of different weapons as a skill, not just the shortbow you have there. Spears, throwing knives, and crossbows are all used best at a distance from your enemy.1
At close range, rangers often do badly in combat. Your best tactic as a ranger is to hit and run, keeping your foe at a distance.1
Certainly. You have three main combat stats: Strength, Defence and Attack.1
Strength determines the maximum hit you will be able to deal with your blows, Defence determines the amount of damage you will be able to defend and Attack determines the accuracy of your blows.1
Other stats are used in combat such as Prayer, Hitpoints, Magic and Ranged. All of these stats can go towards determining your combat level, which is shown near the top of your combat interface screen.1
You will find out on the mainland that certain items can also affect your stats. There are potions that can be drunk that can alter your stats temporarily, such as raising Strength.1
What this means is that if you die while skulled, you will lose EVERYTHING that your character was carrying.1
When skulled, you should try to avoid dying for the twenty minutes or so it will take for the skull to wear off.1
If you don't wish to end up there, take notice of the warning you will receive when getting near to it.1
Time for some actual combat! Head into the pen and kill one of those rats and don't forget to pick up the loot those rats drop.1