We're hanging in there soldier. For the next phase of our attack we need to breach their stronghold.1,126
From this distance we can't get an accurate enough shot. We need the correct coordinates of the stronghold for a direct hit. I've sent out three tracker gnomes to gather them.1,124
I'm afraid not, and we're running out of time. I need you to go into the heart of the battlefield, find the trackers, and bring back the coordinates.1,120
Hello traveller, are you here to help or just to watch?1,103
Excellent we need all the help we can get.1,103
Firstly we need to strengthen our own defences. We desperately need wood to make more battlements, once the battlements are gone it's all over. Six loads of normal logs should do it.1,102
Thank you, you're braver than most.1,089
Please be as quick as you can, I don't know how much longer we can hold out.1,080
Hello again, we're still desperate for wood soldier.1,079
That's excellent, now we can make more defensive battlements. Give me a moment to organise the troops and then come speak to me. I'll inform you of our next phase of attack.1,079
The ballista can break through the stronghold wall, and then we can advance and seize back the orb.943
I don't know how long I will be able to hold out. Once you have the coordinates come back and fire the ballista right into those monsters.830
Do you think you can do it?792
I'm commander Montai. The orb is in the Khazard stronghold to the north, but until we weaken their defences we can't get close.769
I saw, that was a beautiful sight. The Khazard troops didn't know what hit them.722
If you can retrieve the orb and bring safety back to my people, none of the blood spilled on this field will be in vain.687
Now is the time to retrieve the orb. It's all in your hands. I'll be praying for you.633
Hello warrior. We need the coordinates for a direct hit from the ballista. Once you have a direct hit you will be able to enter the stronghold and retrieve the orb.189
Hello again, we're still desperate for wood soldier. We need six loads of normal logs.143
Thank you.131
Incredible, for a human you really are something.91
I'll stay here with my troops and try and hold Khazard's men back. You return the orb to the gnome village. Go as quick as you can, the village is still unprotected.90
I'm ok, this battle is going to take longer to win than I expected. The Khazard troops won't give up even without the orb.15
I understand, this isn't your fight.11
That's a shame, we could have done with your help.9
I can't talk now. Can't you see we're trying to win a battle here? If we can't hold back Khazard's men we're all doomed.3