Identify yourself, human!1,050
Now listen carefully. I have a task for you.1,030
Ah, so you're the one who knocked over the statue of our glorious king!1,002
Ah, don't worry about it!998
You are a good human, %USERNAME%.982
Oh, don't worry!979
Then perhaps they can finally end their impasse! Well, let's go to the meeting then!909
What news from the Consortium, %USERNAME%?908
Yes, now! Are you ready?908
I do have to warn you, this meeting may take a while. Do you want to attend the meeting personally, or do you simply want the minutes of the meetings so you can read what happened afterwards?804
Now, I need you to go to Blasidar, he is a sculptor who lives in Keldagrim-East.787
I want you to go and see the local sculptor and help him build a new statue.770
%USERNAME%! Have you heard?767
No, not that. It's the Red Axe!761
We haven't been ruled by a king for many a year... that statue was long overdue for replacement anyway. You're not under arrest, I merely wanted to talk to you.752
Errr, are you alright? Don't you have any important information about the Red Axe?750
Poor %USERNAME%, I think you've been bewitched.750
What is it, %USERNAME%?746
They've left the city! They were already boycotting the trade floor, but now they've completely left the city.745
It's never happened before! At the moment it's unclear yet if they've left the Consortium as well. The directors are in turmoil!743
Well... I may require your services again. Are you interested in hearing more?740
Will you do this for us?724
But let me introduce myself. I am Veldaban, son of Dondakan. I am the Commander of the Black Guard in Keldagrim.707
I just need you to help him out while he rebuilds the statue.707
I'm sure there are many tasks that he needs doing.706
There is a dwarf, all the way to the northeast in Keldagrim-East. He talks about kebabs a lot. Don't suppose you've met him?692
We need some more information about what the Red Axe is up to.685
The other directors of the Consortium don't think so and are likely to expel the Red Axe completely anyway.682
That's the problem. We don't know where they moved their headquarters to. But we may have one lead...682
Excellent, good luck to you in your quest! May Guthix protect you!680
That's him, poor fellow. He didn't always used to be like that.648
But he seems to know something about the Red Axe for some odd reason. He speaks of them sometimes in one of his many rants.540
%USERNAME%, are you absolutely sure? You might not get another chance like this. Are you sure you just want to read the summary of the meeting instead of seeing the actual meeting?480
But if he does indeed know something about the Red Axe or where their headquarters may be, we need to find out.473
What do you say then, %USERNAME%? Do you want to help the Black Guard with this?462
Very well. I'll give you the meeting minutes after it's finished.441
Problem is, no one believes him. Everyone thinks he's completely mad. And perhaps they're right.436
Well then, %USERNAME%, what is it going to be?401
Veldaban, Commander of the Black Guard in Keldagrim, presenting himself to the Consortium with a guest.392
Happy to hear that! Let's hurry then, I think the meeting is already starting!354
This human helped to rebuild the statue. He has deserved this honour, surely?243
This human helped to rebuild the statue. She has deserved this honour, surely?155
How are you getting on with rebuilding our statue, %USERNAME%?95
%USERNAME%, I thought you had something important to tell me?90
Very well then. Come back when you're ready, but hurry! You don't want to miss the meeting.88
Get back to it as soon as you can, please!85
I see the new statue is nearly completed, %USERNAME%! Well done!58
Perhaps you can be of help here again. If you can get a director to trust you enough, they might let you come along to one of their meetings.57
I can come along if you like. You, as an outsider, are in an excellent position to influence the Consortium.57
Well done, well done %USERNAME%! Now all you need to do is convince him to take you along to the next Consortium meeting.45
He lives in his brother's house.43
Or was it his cousin?41
In any case, he's a bit of a drunk these days. Well, when I say a bit, he's actually smashed all the time.40
You destroy our statue and you cannot be bothered to help rebuild it? By Guthix, you are rude... even for a human!29
Very well.19
Not at the moment, no, %USERNAME%.12
Then perhaps you should try your hand at the Hemenster Fishing Contest.11
We dwarves don't know much about fishing, but a couple of our brothers at White Wolf Mountain want to win the competition.11
Ah, you see, the trophy is made of pure gold. And these dwarves in particular love gold.11
Yes, you can speak to a dwarf at either side of the mountain.11
Ah, he is forever trying to break open that rock of his, until his death I sometimes think.10
Perhaps, human, perhaps... but if even our multicannon does not dent it, what chance is there really?10
Ah, so you are the one! I heard you banished a demon by defeating its avatar, most impressive.9
Any news on your search for the Red Axe?8
How goes the search for the Red Axe?5
Very well. Come back when you change your mind.4
What happened, %USERNAME%, did you finish your assignment?3
Please, try to!3
Don't worry, %USERNAME%, I believe you. You must have been put under a spell of some sort to make you forget.3
I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens.3
I see... I cannot make that decision, I'm afraid. Speak to the director of the Blue Opal, he may be able to help you.3
Great, excellent work so far! I knew I could rely on you!2
I see... I cannot make that decision, I'm afraid. Speak to the director of the Yellow Fortune, she may be able to help you.2
Any news yet from our drunken friend?2
You are a good human, RB8T2n8c2RT2.1
What news from the Consortium, RB8T2n8c2RT2?1
Well then, RB8T2n8c2RT2, what is it going to be?1
I see... I cannot make that decision, I'm afraid. Speak to the director of the Purple Pewter, he may be able to help you.1
I see... I cannot make that decision, I'm afraid. Speak to the director of the White Chisel, he may be able to help you.1
Happy to hear that, %USERNAME%! Please go and check it out!1
I see... I cannot make that decision, I'm afraid. Speak to the director of the Green Gemstone, he may be able to help you.1