Hello there! Are you interested in hearing all about cooking?43
Is there anything else you want to know?18
Many things! You can cook anything from fish to poultry. You could try your hand at making baked potatoes or even brew some of the good stuff.17
What would you like to hear about?14
Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned?14
Well, just come back any time you want to know how to cook up a storm!12
The simplest thing to cook is raw meat or fish. Shrimp can be caught south of here, to the east of Lumbridge Swamp. You could ask the fishing tutor for a net if you have not got one.11
You could use my range here if you like.11
When you have a full inventory of cooked food, drop the useless burnt food and find a bank.11
Alternatively, you can use your own fire, but it's not as effective and the food will burn more frequently. To make a fire, use a tinderbox on some logs.10
Alternatively, you could acquire some raw beef or chicken. You can find cows and chickens north of here. Go over the bridge then follow the path north, you can't miss them!9
Once you've found your range or fire, use your raw food on it. This will bring up a menu of the food you can cook. Then select the food you want.9
If you're interested in quests, I heard my friend the cook in Lumbridge Castle is in need of a hand. Just talk to him and he'll set you off.8
If you feel up to the task, you could try your hand at making pizza. A pizza is comprised of flour with water. Put some tomato on there, sprinkle on some cheese then cook it. You might consider adding a topping too.4
They require many different ingredients to make, such as butter and vegetables, but you will find it hard to acquire the ingredients needed.4
You might find that when killing monsters, they drop some raw meat for you to cook.4
Most of the time, cooking meat and fish requires nothing else but a range or fire. More complicated dishes might require specialized equipment.4
Hello there Zanik! How can I help?4
All sorts of foods! There are lots of kinds of fish, and there are stews, pizzas, bread, baked potatoes...4
I'm sure you'll like them! What about you, %USERNAME%? Can I help you?4
Finally cook your pie by using the unbaked pie on a cooking range. Mmmm...pie.4
If you want to, you could add yourself a topping to the pizza too. Why not try some anchovies?4
Now you have gained some experience in cooking, you can look forward to creating many more dishes.3
You might find it hard getting to these places but you can always buy beer at any pub. Some pubs sell unique beers too.3
Some of them might have hidden properties. Such as anglerfish, but you will find it hard getting hold of any of them at this time.3
Potatoes are another great food, but I won't go into much detail about those I'm afraid.2
Next, we have pizza. You will first need to make yourself a pizza base, use a pot of flour with a bucket of water and make a pizza base.2
If you wanted to, my friend the cook in Lumbridge Castle has a range you could use. You might find you burn even less on that range as its top notch.2
Potatoes are another great food, you can put all sorts of toppings on them if you so desire. Such as eggs and tomato.2
Using a range cuts down the possibility of burning the food. In fact, the range in the Lumbridge Castle is particularly good for some foods, I hear.1
The river north of here has an abundance of fish you could fish for, if you have the required fishing level to catch them. Alternatively, you could make stews.1
As you increase your cooking skill you will gain access to making more complicated dishes. The dishes may require more than two different ingredients to make, they could even require a new way of cooking them.1
It seems we have a real master chef in our mists. Maybe you should be the one giving me cooking advice.1
But if you are looking for something with a bit of a kick, I suggest curry.1
Some pies might even be able to boost some of your skills, be it temporarily.1
Some foods have hidden properties. Anglerfish can provide you with an overheal effect where you have a few more hitpoints than your level. The higher your hitpoints the better the boost.1