Ta very much, like. That'll hit the spot nicely. Here, you can have this. I picked it up as a souvenir on me last hols.961
I dunno rightly, but if you use a tinderbox on it, it don't half make a loud noise!934
How do. You planning on crossing this here bridge and heading up to Rellekka then?570
Aye, 'tis a good thing we fixed this 'ere bridge, I reckon. You best be careful up there. Them Fremenniks are odd 'uns.484
Aye, that I did. 'Twas real thirsty work too. If only some kind stranger would buy us a bit of beer to sup, eh?474
Just make sure yer don't get me none of that non alcoholic rubbish from that poison salesman guy at the tavern!473
What with that inn at seers so close by and all, eh?391
Aye, that's what I told t'gaffer. Nobody wants to go up and hang out with a buncha dumb barbarians when there's a perfectly good inn to sup in, in t'seers village.14
Ain't much better in life than having a nice cold beer to sup on a hot day like this, eh? Better'n fixing bridges, eh?12