Good day to you.1,237
A death? Well that doesn't seem right. The people of Arceuus don't just die. They can't.1,151
Well I don't really know what we can do. The Arceuus family have chosen to keep their knowledge secret from the rest of us. We have no expertise in this area.1,149
If I could do something, I would. However, I'm afraid this is out of our hands.1,148
Kourend's last king, Kharedst IV, had only one child when he died. She was too young to take the throne so the Kourend Council was formed to look after things until she came of age.53
The Kourend Council is made up of four councillors. Every four years there is an election for the people to decide who the councillors should be.51
The five houses of Kourend each have their own leader who rules over their city. The leaders of the individual houses must enforce and obey the laws set out by the Kourend Council but can otherwise rule as they see fit.51
Alas, she was very close to her father and his sudden death drove her to insanity. With no suitable ruler, the Kourend Council was made permanent.47
I hope that helps.45
One of the councillors holds the position of head councillor and this rotates every year. I am the current head councillor.44
My name is David Andrews. I'm the head councillor of the Kourend Council.39
The other councillors are Councillor Unkar and Councillor Orson. The fourth seat on the council is currently vacent after the recent arrest of Councillor Hughes.25
The other councillors are Councillor Hughes, Councillor Unkar and Councillor Orson.18
I'm sorry, but as I already told you, we can't help.11
Good day citizen.6