Have you managed to find and dispose of those four sheep yet?1,222
I've been better.1,181
Excellent work with those mourners. I suspect the king might be getting a little worried now.1,154
You may or may not be aware, but a plague has spread across West Ardougne. Now, so far, our efforts to contain it have been largely successful, for the most part.1,153
Indeed, we hit the castle now before they have a proper chance to prepare for us.1,147
Yes, but thanks to our victory in West Ardougne, some of the knights are starting to question their loyalties. I've taken advantage of this and made arrangements to ensure the gates are open to us.1,144
Excellent work adventurer! Please let me reimburse you the 100 gold it cost you to purchase your protective clothing.1,136
You will? That is excellent news! Head to the enclosure we have set up on Farmer Brumty's land to the north of the city; the four infected sheep should still be somewhere in that vicinity.1,121
Doctor Orbon should have something suitable. You should be able to find him in the chapel just north of here.1,120
The poor creatures have developed strangely discoloured wool and flesh. You should have no trouble spotting them. There should be four in total.1,087
Welcome back %USERNAME%, and good work out there. Thanks to you we now have a force that can stand up to Lathas and his armies.1,047
We now significantly outnumber the mourners, we should be able to drive them out of the city. The main focus will be their headquarters. Without their leadership, they'll soon retreat.1,042
Let's show him what it means to cross the people of Ardougne!967
He'll likely expect us to take some time to recuperate after that battle. He won't expect us to hit him right away.963
Now comes the difficult part though. Before we move against the king, we need to deal with his allies, the mourners.929
Let me know when you are ready to begin %USERNAME%.898
Are you ready to begin %USERNAME%?882
However, some sheep recently escaped from a farm near the city. When they were found, we noticed that they were strangely discoloured, so we asked the mourners to examine them.875
And in recognition of your service to the public health of Ardougne, please accept this further 3000 coins as a reward.874
Before you will be allowed to enter the enclosure, however, you must ensure you have some kind of protective clothing to prevent contagion.857
This is it! The plague of West Ardougne has gone on for long enough, today is the day of plague's end!848
Make no mistake, it will still be a tough fight, but it's a fight we should be able to win.836
As the councillor responsible for public health and safety here in East Ardougne, I am in charge of dealing with this problem.808
Well the mourners seemed convinced and they're the experts. Even if it's not though, the sheep are clearly diseased in some way.806
Unfortunately, nobody wants to risk catching the plague, and I am unable to find someone willing to undertake this mission for me.769
Please also take this poisoned sheep feed; we believe poisoning the sheep will minimise the risk of airborne contamination, and is of course also more humane to the sheep.765
So you're a coward as well as a traitor! What a pathetic excuse of a man you are.763
We need someone to herd these sheep into a safe enclosure, kill them quickly and cleanly and then dispose of the remains hygienically in a special incinerator.737
Bring forth the condemned!711
They believe that the sheep have become infected with the plague.698
You let an enemy into our city and covered it up by lying to your people.640
There's also your brother. Murdered on your orders.638
Citizens of Ardougne! Before you stands Lathas Ardignas: a traitor, a murderer and a liar!632
Enough! You're finished Lathas. The people will decide your fate. I don't expect them to be kind.616
%USERNAME%, do you have any questions for the king before we take him away? I suspect you won't get another chance to ask them.593
He has been found guilty of numerous heinous crimes, and will now face judgement for his sins!564
Lathas Ardignas, as decided by the people of Ardougne, you are hereby sentenced to death!531
Do you have any final words?522
The people have passed their judgement, you are not a king any more.516
So be it...499
The council serves the king I'm afraid, we can't overrule his decisions. Nor can we take power from him. What we can do however, is step in if the king becomes unfit for rule.499
Anything that upsets people really. I suspect some of the others here will have a few suggestions for you. Just keep an eye out for suitable opportunities.499
Excellent, let's get to work then. Wear your Knight of Ardougne disguise and use it to turn people against the king in East Ardougne.497
It is, but right now it's our word against his. And as you've already seen with Elena, he is keen to keep us silent.496
And once they are upset, they'll be far more likely to believe what we have to say.492
Good to see you %USERNAME%. Allow me to run you through what we have so far.403
It's no surprise, really. The king has created a clever lie with the plague, one that's easy for people to believe.378
So unluckily for us, the king has total control over the Paladins and the Knights of Ardougne. With them, he has a large army at his disposal, one we cannot hope to stand against.377
When Elena told me about how you freed her from the prison, it gave me an idea...375
We need people to see the king for what he really is. They're clearly not going to believe us when it comes to the plague, so we'll have to resort to some dirtier tactics.371
With your disguise, you can appear to be working directly for the king. Any actions you perform in that disguise will seem like they were ordered by him.371
As you turn people against the king, we'll be on hand to convince them of our cause. If we aim to recruit 80 people from across both parts of Ardougne, we should have quite the army.367
So, %USERNAME%, are you willing to help us?344
I agree. I fear the danger of inaction could harm the people far more than a few small lies.261
It is, and yet it seems to be the only path open to us. I fear the danger of inaction could harm the people far more than a few small lies.202
Very well, return to us once you are ready.124
Not quite's not good enough. It is vital you catch, kill, and incinerate all four sheep as quickly as possible. Each second they are free, the risk of further contagion increases.80
Well hello again adventurer! How are you today?47
Certainly adventurer. Please hurry!41
Please... please find and dispose of those four diseased sheep as quickly as possible. Every second the risk of contamination grows! If you need some protective clothing, speak to Doctor Orbon in the chapel just north35
We need to recruit people into our resistance so that we can overthrow the king. Elena can tell you how many people we've recruited.27
of here.25
There is no perfect answer here. However, I fear the danger of inaction could harm the people far more than a few small lies.25
I'm okay. Sadly some more diseased sheep have appeared so I have them to deal with.23
That's what concerns me... There might not be much life around here soon.22
Not too bad, I've a lot to do though. King Lathas left plenty of things for us to clean up.20
Thank you for the kind offer. You've done enough though. We'll find someone else to deal with these ones.20
Your role in this is to increase hatred for the king amongst the people. That will allow us to recruit them to our cause.19
Disguise yourself appropriately and perform any actions that cause upset with the citizens. With your disguise, people will think you are acting on the orders of the king.18
For East Ardougne, you'll need a Knight of Ardougne disguise. For West Ardougne, you'll want a mourner disguise.15
If you need any suggestions on what to do, ask the others here and see if they have anything for you.12
I do not blame you adventurer. It is not particularly pleasant work. My problem remains however. If you know of anyone suitable please send them this way; time is of the essence.8
Hello, is there any news about how our sheep keep getting infected with the plague?3
I'd sure like to know why we can't contain it. Please raise the issue next time you see the Head Mourner.3
Hello there, I expect you want filling in on what's happening here. Elena is the best person for that.2
Let me know when you are ready to begin Lourdes- Mati.2
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