Ok let me check your account security, but before I do there are some things that even I can not see. Firstly you must have a unique password for your account and not share it with anyone else and secondly make336
sure you have 2 step verification for your registered recovery email. I'll leave it with you to make sure both of those things are in place.308
Now let me take a look at some of your other security settings for you...304
Yes! The Stronghold of Security which can be accessed via Barbarian Village.228
Yes there is. by counting. I am a count, who likes to count and check accounts. You can ask me to check your account at any time you like and if you want to remember my top tips for account security just ask me214
You have a bank PIN. This is good, but make sure that it's one that can't be easily guessed.191
to count for you. The count loves to count.189
You are using the authenticator! Excellent. This will help to keep your account secure.177
Count with the count to easily remember my top account security tips:168
One... unique password.162
Two... step email verification.150
Free... authenticator.141
Four... digit bank PIN!139
I can see you have not visited. Would you like to? I can send you straight there. But only once.130
Hello %USERNAME% you look like you've seen a ghost.128
Ah yes, I miss that place. So lovely and dark. I left there when I heard the terrible news and now I choose to spend the rest of my days warning others of the perils that lay in wait for them.121
Yes be warned! The travellers of these lands face danger from outside. Accounts that allow them access to this magical place can be stolen and when that happens they could lose everything they have worked so hard113
You aren't using the authenticator! This is a disaster. You should enable this to keep your account secure. Simply visit the support link on the website.106
adventurers who speak with me are ready to defend themselves against these account thieves.95
for. I've left my Vampyre ways behind me and now spend my days letting everyone know of this terrible danger. In return for my dedication I have been blessed with a unique ability to be able to check if87
You really should set a bank PIN. If your account does get stolen, your items in the bank and other places like the GE will be safe.82