Hello there! Are you interested in hearing all about crafting?168
Is there anything else you want to know?40
Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned?33
Well, just come back any time you want to know anything!31
All kinds of things, really! You can make armour from leather, make some pottery, try your hand at glass blowing, make some jewellery, weapons even...28
What would you like to hear about?22
Now that you've got a little experience under your belt, the world's your oyster!20
If you wanted to try your hand at making some jewellery, you'll want to get your hand on some gold and some kind of gem, with a mould to work with and a chisel at hand.18
But if that's not your thing, maybe you'd like to try making some more armour!15
Cow's leather's a good place to start, but you can try all other kinds of hides, like a dragon's!14
To get started, you might like to try your hand at crafting some armour from cow's leather. There's a tanner just over in Al Kharid who could tan any hides for you.14
Once you've managed to get your hand on some kind of leather, you just need a needle and some thread to get to work!14
Sure thing! Most armour you can craft just involves taking a needle and some thread to whatever material you can get your hands on.12
If that doesn't take your fancy, you could try your hand at spinning wool right here on the spinning wheel.12
You might like to try with different kinds of animal hide, from cows, yaks, snakes, dragons... Or any other sort of fabric you can find!11
Glass blowing seems to be a popular trade, too. You can forge molten glass from some sand and soda ash, then make all kinds of things using a glass blowing pipe.9
Well, as you can probably work out for yourself, crafting isn't exactly the usual way people like to make their weapons...6
Come to think of it... Farmer Fred, just north of here, sounds like he could use a hand shearing some of his sheep. Maybe you could help him out, and get some practice while you're at it.6
Some things might be of interest, though - whether you wanted to craft a fine battlestaff for yourself, or maybe some kind of silver weapon.5
You might find some creatures make for a pretty sturdy helmet, too. The best way to make something like that's just to take a good old chisel to it!5
Of course! Pottery's all kind of the same, it just takes a lot of getting used to.5
All that there really is to it is getting your hands on some clay, getting it wet and getting to work on a potter's wheel.5
The barbarians west of Varrock seem to be pretty keen on their pottery. I'd take a look around there, if you wanted to try it out!5
Well, there aren't too many weapons that people tend to craft, but there are a couple worth noting!5
I can't help much with crafting it, though! There's a little more magic involved there than I'm familiar with.5
Once you've got the shape you want out of it, you want to put it in a pottery oven to fire it up.4
You do need to get the orb in the first place, though... You can make one through glass blowing, but it's not much use without being charged.4
Sure. All it boils down to is a bar of gold or silver, some kind of cut gem if you're feeling fancy, and a mould to help shape the thing.3
Once you've got all of your materials together, you'll want to use a furnace to actually craft whatever it is you're trying to make!3
Once you get the hang of it, you can make pots, pie dishes, bowls... You know.3
Battlestaves are probably the most common. It boils down to fastening an orb of some kind onto the end of a battlestaff.3
Aside from battlestaves, there are a couple of weapons that people like to make from silver... Sickles and bolts, usually.3
Some crafty types have started making some leather- covered wooden shields recently, too!3
You can use a chisel to make a gem really shine and sparkle. You wouldn't want to use an uncut one for any jewellery.2
Wizards seem to like enchanting their jewellery to do all kinds of things, too, but I don't know a lot about that.2
Glass blowing? Well, it's used to make all kinds of things you might see every day!2
Hello there Zanik! How can I help?2
This is my spinning wheel! Look at the way it goes round and round and round...2
It spins wool into balls so we can work it more easily.2
What about you, %USERNAME%?2
Glass blowing? Well, to get started you'll need to get yourself some molten glass. You can make some for yourself by heating sand and soda ash in a furnace.2
Once you've got a hold of that, you'll want a glass blowing pipe to blow it out in to shape, before it cools down.2
I heard that you're helping Farmer Fred out. That should make for some good practice for you!2
Lots of budding craftsmen seem to spend their time here spinning Flax into bow strings on the wheel, if that takes your fancy.1
Or you might like to try your hand at crafting some armour from cow's leather. There's a tanner just over in Al Kharid who could tan any hides for you.1
Beer glasses, lamps and lanterns, vials, fish bowls... Things like that.1
It's not the easiest thing to get to grips with, but it shouldn't be too difficult!1