Go to where the six heads face, blow the whistle and away you go!1,058
Good luck with that.984
Did you say the Grail? You are a Grail knight, yes? Well you'd better hurry. A Fisher King is in pain.742
The six stone heads have appeared just recently in the world. They all face the point of realm crossing. Find where two of the heads face,324
You don't know about the whistles yet? The whistles are easy.296
and you should be able to pinpoint where it is.273
You will need one to get to and from the Fisher King's realm. They reside in a haunted manor house in Misthalin, though you may not perceive them unless you carry something from the realm of the Fisher259
The Fisher King is the owner and slave of the Grail...226
Hello deary.43
The realm of the Fisher King is not quite of this reality. It is of a reality very close to ours though... Where it is easiest to cross, THAT is a point of realm crossing.35