Can I help you?2,689
You need to be searched before you can board.2,382
Well you've got some odd stuff, but it's all legal. Now you need to pay a boarding charge of 30 coins.2,164
Because Asgarnia has banned the import of intoxicating spirits.163
Hey, I know you, you work at the plantation.147
I don't think you'll try smuggling anything, you just need to pay a boarding charge of 30 coins.129
I'm not that sort of customs officer.90
Yes, perhaps I could. Okay, jump aboard then.57
You're not getting on this ship then.43
Oh, I think I do. If you don't want to let me search your possessions, then you're not coming aboard this ship.32
Aha, trying to smuggle rum are we?26
Spot inspection. You don't mind do you?6
Aha, trying to smuggle rum eh?5
This is not the Karamja rum we are looking for.2
Hang on a sec... Aren't those Karamja gloves? I thought I'd seen you helping around the island. You can go on half price mate.1