I'll have to charge you 10 gold to cover the loan of the boat. Is that okay?1,643
No, I won't take you, but you can use my boat.1,109
Hello there friend.908
Well I am 'a' boatman. I don't know about 'the' boatman though. Why do you ask anyway?890
You'll be going through Mort Myre though, so I won't be letting you go unless you've got some defence against the ghasts.889
Very well, you can go! But you'll need to bring me six wooden planks first.782
Hmm, you don't seem too concerned about their welfare. I'm glad I didn't tell you where they are. In any case, they're resourceful, they can look after themselves.779
The boat took some damage on my last trip. It needs repairing. There's also a bridge you'll need to cross later in your journey. It's rotten and will likely need repairs.771
They're resourceful folks, that's all I'm saying. The leader of their group, Veliaf, looks after them well.762
Maybe they are... What do you care anyway? They've been up against it ever since they got started.716
Hmm, I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.714
Well... Okay, I may have done some work for them before. It's too dangerous now though. I'm sorry, I can't help you.696
There's death a plenty in this forsaken place... What do I care that some fool hardy vigilantes decided to go it alone against the Drakans?681
Don't dare to judge me young fool... what do you know of the heartache I carry? I want to help them! I did help them! But my part is done now. To do any more is to risk death!663
Hmmm. Very well, if you would take your chance to help these strangers, who am I to stop you?658
Right. You can take the boat. Just jump in when you're ready to leave.656
Three of the planks are for the boat and three are for the bridge. I suggest you bring some tools and steel nails along as well.589
All of 'em have suffered more loss and heartache than you'll ever know. Now, leave me be!570
Stupidity of youth is to blame. I won't carry it on my shoulders!528
Go as far north as you can and you'll arrive at the Hollows. Keep heading north on foot, over the rotten bridge, and you'll eventually reach an odd looking tree. That is where you'll find the Myreque.515
Hey, hands off my boat!281
Sorry my friend. You don't seem to have the funds for the trip. It will cost you 10 gold.241
Hmm, use the boat for free... Very well, that sounds fair enough to me.168
I'm sorry, but I can't help you. I guess you're all out of luck.158
There doesn't seem to be many charges in that. Get it refilled my friend. I won't let you go into Mort Myre without some protection.147
Well return to me once you have.144
Sorry, but you don't have that much. No money, no boat!139
Hmm, I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. Besides, even if I did, it doesn't look like you have suitable weapons for these 'Myreque'.133
Hello there friend. I'm afraid all boat rides are out of service due to the high ghast activity in Mort Myre.126
Sure you can.112
Well, I'd like to say that you're welcome. But I heard that you led Vanstrom straight to their hideout. I feel so guilty.94
Aye, everyone in these lands needs help. I'm sorry though, it's just not safe and it's not likely to get safer any time soon.65
Look, I feel for them, I really do. They're fighting the good fight out there and unfortunately, some of them probably won't live through it.62
I support their cause. That doesn't mean I want to die for them though. I'm sorry, but I will not risk the wrath of the vampyres.62
Ivan in particular I feel sorry for. He's the youngest of their group and he's seen too few winters to be involved in such toil.60
You think you can buy me?52
You keep your money and I'll keep my secrets.50
I'm sorry, I just can't... They're watching us you know... Eyes everywhere!50
Well, I'd like to say that you're welcome. But what does it matter now? The Drakans killed the whole lot of them.28
The worst kind. Most have lost members of their family.25
Take Sani Piliu for example. she was orphaned overnight when a vampyre went on the rampage. Imagine that, losing your entire family in one night. Terrible!25
She's the only female member of the Myreque. Her agility and light fingers have got them out of quite a few sticky situations.25
Take my boat as far north as you can and you'll arrive at the Hollows. Keep heading north on foot, over the rotten bridge, and you'll eventually reach an odd looking tree. That is where you'll find the Myreque.17
You're clearly not from around here or you wouldn't be asking such foolish questions.14
Lord Lowerniel Drakan. Leader of the vampyres and ruler of Morytania. His reign over these lands means we all live in fear.14
Drakan. That's what they've been up against.13
Aye, you can see it from both sides I suppose. But many of us consider it fool hardy to fight for something we'll never get.10
Polmafi Ferdygris is one of the Myreque. He's a technical sort and advises on all sorts of things to Veliaf. He was a scholar before he became a renegade.9
They're the family that leads the vampyres. They're the ones to whom the blood tithes are paid. Too much I have told you already!8
Ignorance is better than these truths I tell you! I can pretend once more that I am a free man and some relief from this gloom can I feel again.8
All of these lands are forsaken of Saradomin's kindness, only cold death from evil do we now feel.8
I remember a conversation I had with Polmafi, a scholar, such as he was. Even he agrees that the chances are slim.8
Be gone with you now and leave me with my dreams.7
Those lucky ones to the west of the Salve little realise their fate if the river should one day become tainted.7
What do you want to know?7
Well you have Radigad Ponfit. He was a mercenary from Asgarnia but he joined up with the Myreque to settle some mysterious score with the Drakans.6
They're the family of vampyres that rules all of Morytania. Lowerniel Drakan is the head of the family. Every bit of misery in this place is caused by him.6
Then there's Veliaf Hurtz, the leader of the group. He's been fighting the fight longer than any of them.5
You've also got Sani Piliu, the only female of the group. She's a bit of a shady one. I reckon she was a thief before the Myreque found her.4
In Mort Myre it is. I sometimes hear rumour of more groups hidden in other parts of Morytania. Who knows if that's true though.4
No one out here ever sees the Drakans, but their presence is always felt. Their castle towers over all of the region. A constant reminder of their tyranny.4
There's Harold Evans. Used to be part of some militia but was kicked out for being too hot-headed. Now he's the main fighter for the Myreque.4
Finally, you have Polmafi Ferdygris. He's the brains of the operation in many ways. Believe it or not, he used to be a scholar.3
Next there's Ivan Strom. He's the youngest. I hear he's an aspiring priest. Not that there's much time for that around here.2
It's a name the locals gave them. It means 'hidden in the myre'. Nothing fancy, it's just because that's where they hide, in Mort Myre.1
I'm just a humble boatman. Cyreg Paddlehorn is my name. Like most of the Paddlehorns before me, I make my living by tacking the swamps of Mort Myre.1