Pass it to me and I'll put it on the brazier. Okay?1,404
That lectern is rather pretty.1,389
I'm guessing we're going to be fighting my fears.1,277
I'm still scared. Show me how you fight, and I should gain courage.1,250
Still changing.1,241
Okay, I'll try it on. No peeking!1,237
We sure did! I was very afraid to start off with, but once I saw how you dealt with combat I felt sure I could do it too.1,237
On my last visit to this island I spent a good while with the Moon Clan. It seems it isn't all that impossible to instantly transfer knowledge to one another.1,230
I shall just use lunar magic to pass some information onto you.1,230
My pleasure. And I best be off, I think I am going to put my courage to the test! I have a new goal to reach - the ultimate warrior!1,221
I will. I'll see you around, I'm sure!1,221
See you at the brazier!1,200
Okay! Take this!1,192
I did! Yes! Thanks!1,190
What now?1,190
See you there!1,190
Why thanks, I feel it too!1,168
Excellent! Please, you go on ahead, I'll make my way there myself. I'm not walking out of this cave past those suqahs again!1,168
Ah, well. Best I tell you. The thing is... the thing that I should say... the problem I have, for which you should know...1,167
I've tried so hard over the years, but I simply cannot gather the courage to fight monsters.1,167
I know it seems bad, but honestly, I've tried. It was part of the reason I came to Lunar Isle to see the Moon Clan. I trust you've gone through the ceremony to visit the Dreamland?1,167
Yes, so I came to the Moon Clan again to see if they could help me visit my dreams again and conquer my fear of combat. But then I came across the suqah.1,167
Perfect! I feel healthy, I'm positively charged and I'm dressed like a war machine!1,164
What's that?1,156
Thank you.1,073
Where am I? Who are you?1,066
I'm Cyrisus. Oh yes, I remember, I was on the island and...1,064
They attacked! I ran and ran. I crawled down here.1,062
I am?1,060
I was so afraid.1,060
Yes, I've conquered my fear of combat.1,010
Well I don't know. What should I do?973
Really? In what way?966
You're lying. I look dreadful.965
You'd do that for me? That sounds marvellous! I will look forward to it.963
That's promising. Perhaps I will make it out of here.956
You think things will turn out okay?946
Oh, my friend, you really think so?943
On what?942
Oh thanks, I feel a bit better now.941
Thank you %USERNAME%. I would surely be dead without you.930
I'm afraid of combat.930
Exploring. I greatly enjoy travelling the world and taking in all the experiences available.929
I... erm...929
Please, let's leave that line of conversation.929
I'm so glad to have your help. I would never turn it down!928
Oh, and if you want, you can contact me with the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar Spellbook. It might save you running back and forth.928
Well, I've travelled from the frozen wastes in the Wilderness to the pyramids of the Kharidian Desert. I've lived with the monkeys of Ape Atoll and dined with the TzHaar under the volcano of Karamja.927
No. Not really.927
I still don't feel fit enough to go outside. I could also do with some armour.927
Just keep your mind blank, relax and hold still.927
Oh, there's really no need to worry.926
Trust me: when you see him, you'll know.926
You could say that.925
Err, well...925
Trust, me, there's no need. Please, just go to the bank on this island, I have a friend working there. Just tell him I sent you.925
I must admit it was hard to crawl this far.919
Good. We were hoping you could help us.919
My voice, you mean?914
Suqahs! There were suqah monsters!908
Will do.903
I've learnt the techniques, I've got the equipment. I just get so afraid. My legs turn to jelly, I'm dripping with sweat. All I can do is run.902
I need to get over my fear of combat. Surely I can sort that out in the Dreamland?886
Say, would you come with me to the Oneiromancer? Perhaps you can give me some support or guidance?880
I'm not so sure.879
What's the point?876
Wait. Do we need to wear the clothes we had to wear to go to the dreamland before.866
Perfect! I couldn't ask for a better set-up!865
Thank you %USERNAME%. I really couldn't have done it without your help. Please, let me pass some of my knowledge onto you.860
That's true.857
Oh my head hurts. And my legs. I'm so tired.856
Yes. I can't wait!850
That's nice, what kind?843
That's really appreciated. Thank you.838
Hi! Managed to get my armour yet?830
I'm not so sure about this anymore.827
Okay, I shall just take your word for that bit, but I still can't see the dangerous part...817
Superb! What have you got?794
Please, just leave me, I'm a waste of effort, my body is in ruin.788
I could smith you full rune, farm spirit trees and still have time to cook you a summer pie for tea.744
Ah, thanks. That's a really nice thing to say.674
Very good.667
Thank you. Right back at ya!665
That's spot-on.663
Oh, good choice!650
Really? I was determined to survive.635
Well, I grew up in Ardougne. Erm, I quite enjoy Fishing.570
I suppose I am.527
Definitely. A good wash, fresh clothes, a nice meal.526
Perhaps we can fish together one day?498
Thank you, your help really is appreciated.495
Yes, I think I've been very lucky.464
Is it really the time to?409
Please go away...390
Very true. I think I picked a good spot.386
Best you light the brazier with a tinderbox first, then give me the potion.351
Do we have to?282
It looks like there is a little potion left in the bottle.281
I suppose at times I did.270
Not really.255
Please, I don't...236
That is true.226
Still painful.214
Okay, go on.210
That was bad.208
You're a bit weird.191
It would be good, yes. You should be able to talk to my friend in the bank on this island.190
That's okay. I think you deserve it a bit for saving my life.166
Of course! You just go speak with the Oneiromancer and I'll be right with you, faster than you'd think.158
I know.158
I don't know, I don't think I feel like talking.152
No comment.145
No. Could have been days. I don't remember much after stumbling down the ladder: just crawling.145
Erm, no thanks.134
Not too sure about that.128
Yes. Things could still get in here though.123
That doesn't particularly fill me with confidence.122
You think?111
Not really, I think I'll stick to living ABOVE ground.110
I am hungry. Sorry for eating all your food.103
No, WE did it. Thank you %USERNAME%. It really is appreciated.101
That's a strange thing to say.96
Well I'm not sure I enjoyed almost getting killed, but yes, it was good.95
No, I think I'd rather be left alone.88
Not sure I agree, but thanks for thinking of me.86
Oh, okay.75
Hmmm, I'd rather something else.75
It doesn't particularly impress me...73
What's with the body armour? Totally not my style!71
Sorry to stop you, but are you going to help me?67
Don't knock it till you've tried it.66
Oh. Erm. Thanks.64
Yes, I am a bit scruffy at the moment.60
The footwear has to go. I can't rely on them to help me.59
I can't stand the item of headgear you've chosen - get rid of that straight away!58
I'd much rather have something else protecting my legs.55
I've put the clothes back in the chest, they're not too bad.54
True, I may never get out of here.46
I'm not all that good at using the type of weapon you offered. Please bring something else.43
But not too good either. I need a different combination.42
You ought to be careful with that attitude.41
We'll see.39
Your choice of headgear is spot on, don't lose that!34
I suppose so, but you can't take your follower with you. It wouldn't be fair.29
Monster? What monster?29
The weapon is perfectly suited to me.28
Sorry, I was getting a bit over-excited there, I think.28
I've put the clothes back in the chest.26
Erm, I'm a bit busy at the moment.24
Not what I want, but it was pretty close.23
And how do you feel?22
Well, I'm trying to fight TzTok-Jad at the moment.22
Yes, he's level 702 in Combat.22
Thanks. Arghhhh, death to you foul beast!22
Okay, I understand.20
The item you gave me for my legs is perfect, I'd change something else.20
Probably be dead I suppose.20
To the footwear I say: good choice!19
I suppose so. But now that I think about it, I don't know why there are none down here.18
That may be the case, but you need to light the brazier with a tinderbox first.17
I don't know, probably days. I just can't remember.16
Let me know when you're ready.14
Oh no please don't go.12
I know. It hurts to move.11
Time is something I don't have much of.11
For me? Sorry, I don't really need anything right now.10
You're right. I really should never have come to this island.9
I'll try, maybe when I feel a bit stronger.9
Depends on what the person is like.9
Oh I do hope so!9
The body armour couldn't be better, keep that!8
I've put the clothes back in the chest, sorry.8
That armour just doesn't suit me.8
I... I... need you to help me.8
I haven't really thought about it.7
Good point.7
Yes. Water, goutweed and one astral rune all in that tiny vial.6
Amputate! You can't be serious?6
Oh no. Why can't I die peacefully?6
One leg! What the?6
I hadn't noticed. Who knows what danger lurks in the shadows. I'm so scared.6
Oh, I see. I understand.6
Gas? Why would you smell gas?5
Please, let's talk about something else.5
I'm not too sure. What do you think?5
Oh. I hope it's safe.5
Yes. Water, goutweed and one astral rune all in that...5
So mean.5
Oh no, please don't leave me alone!5
Oh, hi.5
Well, I just dispatched TzTok-Jad. Pretty tough! I'm now on my way to the desert. I'm going to see if I can hunt down this Kalphite Queen everyone's been telling me about.5
I've already thought of that. I've arranged for a couple of the Slayer masters to join me.5
Me too. I'm so scared. Please don't leave me.5
No, not really.4
Is it? I suppose so. Why do you say that?4
It wouldn't surprise me. I don't seem to be having much luck recently.4
Well it's a start, I suppose. Doesn't sound too promising.4
Wait, where did you put the vial?4
Ask the Oneiromancer nicely, I'm sure she will have another.4
I don't think I will survive much longer.4
I thought so. I'm doomed!4
Oh no.4
Yes. Could you perhaps give me a blanket?3
I'll probably be okay. Thanks, though.3
Oh no. I don't think I can stand much more.3
Air. I wish I could breathe fresh air.3
You have a good point there.3
Cuts? I hadn't noticed. Where?3
Oh no, oh no, oh no.3
Ah, sorry but could you do me a favour and clear some inventory space first?2
Perhaps. Oh, but I don't think I have any money left on me.2
Oh, no reason. Just thought you would help me out.2
Ill? You can't feel ill, I'm depending on you!2
Oh dear.2
Oh, sorry.2
What makes you say that?2
No, what?2
Thanks for the support, friend.2
Oh no, they're coming to get us!2
Okay. Fair enough.2
Arrghh! Where?2
Easy for you to say!2
Well, I would appreciate it if you could hurry.2
I'm getting a bit cold.2
That's funny, I was just talking about you.2
Yes, I've been arranging a meeting between various leaders of Gielinor to discuss some political issues. It seems you have certainly been around a bit!2
Sorry, that's top secret information.2
Well, I thought I'd try out this place called the Wilderness.2
Quite a gloomy place.2
Oh! I can see someone.2
He seems to be coming this way.2
Yes, he's definitely looking at me.2
He's wearing some impressive armour.2
Surely not. Oh, look, there's another two of them coming to meet me.2
I don't think so.2
Hi there gentlemen! Nice day...2
Woah, take it easy! Hey, stop that!2
I'll teach you to hit me! Have this!2
That'll teach them.2
Of course. Easy.2
Good start. Go back to the bank and see what you can get from Jack.1
Haven't you got more... important things to do?1
How about you just try to help me?1
Oh, you scared me to death.1