Well that's my job yes. But I don't necessarily define my identity in such black and white terms.1,165
Go on then.1,164
Okay, I'll meet you at the Dancing Donkey in Varrock.1,131
Hello again. I hope your journey was as pleasant as mine.1,119
Okay, here it is.1,080
Bah! A great artist such as myself should not have to suffer the HUMILIATION of spending time where the likes of you wander everywhere!164
Package? That's a funny way to describe a liquid of such exquisite beauty!31
Absolutely. It's just not stored in a vial anymore.30
Instead it has been liberated. It now gleams from the canvas of my latest epic: The Majesty of Varrock!30
Well you can't put a price on art.30
Oh, it's you again. Please don't distract me now, I'm contemplating the sublime.29