Here, solve this for me. I need to keep working on these notes.3,509
Good work!3,493
Sorry but you haven't solved the puzzle yet.100
Great question! I have a better one...59
Exactly! This table here is full of notes on the topic. Plenty of warnings that seem to be scribbled over the top in a rather rushed manner...59
Me? Pah! I'm a dab hand at magic but my herblore has always been somewhat lacking. I'd go to the druids in Taverley but they don't trust us anymore... Know of any talented herbalists in the vicinity?58
I am Daer Krand, an old student of Zandar Horfyre.57
What is the Elixir of Everlasting?57
Sorry... I tend to ramble when excited.57
Yes. And you are?56
It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.56
Maybe that loathsome vampyre wandering about knows something?54
That's a shame.53
Hmm, you might be right. He'll be of no use...53
Anywho, I've yet to completely make sense of all these notes. Some must have been placed elsewhere.52
Yes? Oh, of course! Keep your eyes peeled when you're down here. If you see anything of interest, you know where to find me.52
Yes... Good day!25
Next time, lead with that...3