Hello there. I hear your mission is complete.994
Indeed I do.990
For you, it should hardly take any time at all.987
Enthusiasm. I like that. We will first begin with a series of exercises designed to increase your strength and stamina.984
You will improve your strength, stamina, attack and defence, but you may choose what you want to focus on.800
We then will follow these up by improving your attack and defence techniques.798
Well done, adventurer. You have managed to break Glough's code. Now the process of reinitialisation is complete, you can truly begin your journey into the unknown.749
You are clearly a human of many talents.745
There is a teleporter round the corner. You must use this.615
It is written in an old military code. Bear with me whilst I decode this.591
We do not, if the truth be told. This hangar was part of Glough's contingency planning. Had the attacks by land and sea failed, he would have turned to air.589
Welcome, adventurer, to the Underground Military Glider Hangar.584
I hope you feel like a quest adventurer ...580
Indeed I am - and you are?565
Flight Commander Waydar, now that reinitialisation is complete, I order you to fly to the south of Karamja with %USERNAME%.563
I see. You must be the individual who helped defeat my predecessor Glough. I hope you'll find me a more honest replacement.560
Well hand them over here then.558
Hello again, adventurer. Would you like to return to the hangar?552
I must first introduce you to a colleague of mine who will be accompanying you on your mission.545
... because you're going to get one.542
Given your recent performance of uncovering and neutralising a threat at the very extremes of the Gnome hierarchy, the King has decreed that you are to undertake a reconnaisance mission.541
And ... good luck.541
His name is Flight Commander Waydar.539
You are to be taken far to the south of Karamja, further than any Gnome has purposely travelled before. You are to investigate Caranock's claim that Garkor's squad were blown off course.537
%USERNAME%, speak to Waydar when you are ready to leave.532
Well done. You make an excellent soldier. If you ever have to return to the Ape Atoll then let me know.501
They have been posted to the Ape Atoll. They will remain there, working as undercover operatives.495
Do not lose that sigil. Zooknock will use it to locate you.493
It is fortunate indeed that you managed to expose him. The military gliders in this hangar are a prototype for a much refined version of the standard variety we currently use.461
We must go now and meet Waydar. For security reasons I must ask you to wear a blindfold.450
In case the threat of the monkeys rises again, which it likely will, we shall need them there. We would probably also need you.448
That Gnome is never stepping foot in this hangar again. He always was and still is a menace. Do you understand me?441
We still do not know what happened, but evidence suggests they were blown far off course to the south.439
Not just any old visitor Waydar; this is the person who exposed Glough and defeated his demon.437
Flight Commander Waydar, I would like you to meet %USERNAME%.431
Very well. Notify me when you have managed to reinitialise.431
Let me introduce you to Flight Commander Waydar.428
%USERNAME%, you will have to wait till reinitialisation is complete.420
As you know, the 10th squad went missing during their mission to decommission the eastern shipyard of Karamja.418
You must really have impressed the King in the past.394
You are to safeguard him on this potentially dangerous mission.357
Quite. He is now on a secret mission for the King.270
When reinitialisation has been completed, you are to fly to the south of Karamja with %USERNAME% and accompany him on the mission.269
You know the routine...250
We do not know. Initial reports spoke of a large atoll populated by monkeys.227
From what I have heard, not quite like those monkeys...225
It is my responsibility to make arrangements for your mission. We will shortly visit a colleague of mine who will be accompanying you.219
I am afraid not. I must remain here to safeguard the Grand Tree. I will assign a Gnome agent to travel with you.216
In what way?216
I do not know him; he is from before my time. Glough would presumably have hand picked him.216
They are, as you humans might say, the best of the best. As well as Sergeant Garkor, they have in their company a High Mage, two sappers and battle hardened foot soldiers.204
You might consider the role as that of an engineer. Or perhaps of a munitions expert.203
The Royal Guard is composed of particularly elite soldiers who have proven themselves in battle. They are duty bound to protect the Grand Tree, its King and his interests.202
He worries about this, yes.201
I have never heard of him. According to the report you made to the King, he is the Gnome Liaison Officer at the eastern Karamja shipyard.199
Sergeant Garkor holds the command of the 10th squad. As a soldier, he is extremely able. If his men are in trouble, he will be tirelessly working to save them.193
It was a position Glough introduced. Gnome Liaison Officers are in general responsible for coordinating activities between Gnomes and other beings in our remote operations.190
You are to safeguard her on this potentially dangerous mission.186
We have matters to discuss before you return to the island.182
In the face of danger, they can more than take care of themselves.179
You should aim to make contact with him.166
Quite. She is now on a secret mission for the King.156
When reinitialisation has been completed, you are to fly to the south of Karamja with %USERNAME% and accompany her on the mission.155
Speak to Waydar when you are ready to leave.121
Glough left a code on the facility which periodically needs to be entered if we wish to maintain the supply of power.32
Without going through this process of reinitiliasation, we cannot power the mechanism which deploys the millitary gliders.28
Very well. Return to me when you do.14
We try to ensure the location of the hangar remains a secret. If you must know something, then know that it lies directly beneath the Gnomeball pitch. However, I cannot reveal the location of its entrance.12
Come and find me on the Grand Tree. I will probably be at the bar.9
Tough. You will be working with Flight Commander Waydar.7