Come on then! This ends now!1,743
Time to see what you're really made of!1,737
Cowards! That's what they are. I was their saviour! When our great leaders abandoned us, I was the one that kept them fed!1,725
So here you are. I knew it was only a matter of time before you lot showed up.1,724
Crombwick! You will support me!1,490
Listen to your arrogance! Is this what we've become? I remember when we commanded respect. Your kind would cower in fear at the sight of us!1,363
Vanstrom, I'd like you to meet Kroy.1,322
You think I'm afraid? I am a lord of Darkmeyer. I am fear!1,233
You can and you will!1,229
That is true for all of us!1,198
Well just hang on there, Vanstrom. Kroy may not look like much, but I've never met a vampyre with a better knowledge of herblore.1,149
Kroy, tell him what you found.1,091
Well you'll have to do something. You'll need to send us some support.1,063
Those who drink it find their lives heavily extended, but at a cost. They are put into a deep sleep, never to wake.1,062
What's that supposed to mean?1,058
Indeed. Using the recipe, Kroy was easily able to recreate the elixir. After a quick test on Lady Crombwick, we started giving it to the citizens.1,051
And while they sleep, we tithe them. The sleepers only need a fraction of the blood a normal human needs, so we can take more than ever before!1,046
The nobles of Darkmeyer make their demands Vanstrom. Someone has to meet them.1,042
The nobles are restless. They are tired of inaction. I saw an opportunity and I took it. Lord Drakan should thank me.1,028
The Myreque? Don't tell me you're scared of that lot, Vanstrom? I thought you were made of stronger stuff.997
You're late.528
Mind your tongue, dog, or I'll have you put in a collar.426
I tire of your arrogance. We're done here.422
There's been a setback with our operations in Slepe. We need you to make up the shortfall. Next time, bring more.415
Three? Is that all?414
Enough of this! What do you have for me?409
Is there something you wanted, bloodbag?7
Well, I'd prefer you did it elsewhere, Crombwick is busy entertaining his guests.7
You may speak.6