There, I have repaired your pouches. Now leave me alone. I'm concentrating.3,856
Ah! Here you go!3,535
I need you to answer this for me.3,520
Please answer the question.3,501
Spot on!3,433
Quiet! You must not break my concentration!448
You don't seem to have any pouches in need of repair. Leave me alone.344
What? Oh... Very well. What did you want?257
Well, if my concentration is broken while keeping this gate open, then, if we are lucky, everyone within a one mile radius will either have their heads explode, or will be consumed internally by the creatures of the Abyss.122
If we are unlucky, then the entire universe will begin to fold in upon itself, and all reality as we know it will be annihilated in a single stroke.119
Do you mean what am I doing here in Abyssal space, or are you asking me what I consider my ultimate role to be in this voyage that we call life?114
By remaining here and holding this portal open, I am providing a permanent link between normal space and this strange dimension that we call Abyssal space.114
As long as this spell remains in effect, we have the capability to teleport into abyssal space at will.101
So leave me alone!100
Now leave me be! I can afford no distraction in my task!95
I am attempting to subdue the elemental mechanisms of the universe to my will.93
Inane chatter from random idiots is not helping me achieve this!83
Stop wasting my time! That is wrong!58