What's the device saying now?233
This is a wild goose chase! We trek halfway across the world and there's nothing down here but this bunch of useless goblins!174
This part of the world is riddled with caves! It's hard not to hit a cave around here! Are you sure you're not just picking up these goblin lanterns or something stupid?152
Gah! We have an eavesdropper! Buzz off, adventurer - go talk to the goblins or something.144
None of your business!108
Where did you come from? Who sent you? I'll have you know I'm the mage's bodyguard for this job. We don't need anyone else!15
Don't try to lie to us! Now go away!11
Well stick your nose somewhere else!2
To be honest I'm still a bit hazy on that point too.2
You don't sound very sure.2